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Only 4 Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi (or History's strongest disciple) fans

If u aren't a fan but u want to no about it then go ahead and continue reading! (^_^) I have dedicated this ENTIRE page to Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi (or History's strongest disciple) it's not my absolute favourite but it's totally insane. u can defnitly look 4ward to see more pgs about mi fav anime's like bleach and naruto (and way more). k so here goes! Basis of the story:
(ps: if you dont feel like reading an entire episodes worth of writing scroll down to the character profiles)
Kenichi Shirihama has no friends in his first year of high school (poor shirihama-kun) while walking to school he is knocked down by a girl who soon turns out to be a transfer student named Miu Furinji. While knocking him down Miu also managed to make them both late for school so they are asked to stand in the hall where miu asks to be kenichi's friend (even though kenichi wants to be more!) Later in the day he decides to join the Karate club and lose his nickname "weak legs" which he gained in middle school. In the karate club he meets this really really huge guy: Daimonji, who thinks it would be fun to use the "weakling" (aka Kenichi) as the Karate clubs new punching bag. He also tells kenichi to leave the karate club forever (shirihama-kun's life isn't getting any better!) but kenichi refuses to back down and challenges Daimonji to a battle. But just to make everything so much harder they made a wager that whoever loses leaves the Karate club forever. as soon as kenichi is alone he sees wat a total mistake he had just made: 1. He just challenged the hugest guy in the entire karate club, and 2. He doesn't know the first thing about karate! Miu suggest a dojo she knows of and draws up a map for kenichi (yay shirihama-kun finally has a friend who cares about him) The only problem is that the dojo is filled with sensei's that are either huge, scary, super fast, super strong, or weilding a sword among a grappling hook and other weaponry. He wonders why Miu would send him to a place like this. But all is clear when he finds out that the dojo is owned by Miu's grandfather. The dojo is also Miu's house and is maintained by none other then Miu. Cooking, cleaning anything that's Miu's job! He mainly wants to learn Karate but the sensei for that subjest says he will not ever take disciples. So Miu's grandfather (Let's call him elder) appoints the job of teaching martial arts to kenichi to Akisame Koetsuji master of ju-jitsu and the only sensei with a past of taking in disciples. Kenichi finds out that Miu knows how to fight like she was training since she was born. Koetsuji sensei seriously nearly kills kenichi with his traing but kenichi is a lost cause and can't get any better. So on the evening before the day of the fight Miu decides to teach Kenichi a sidestep to avoid attacks. He completely (... well not "completely") masters it. Finally in the fight Kenichi uses the side steps to his advantage and then flipped Daimonji (he saw Koetsuji sensei do it and went into "Instinct mode") in a strange turn of events Daimonji starts crying and begging not to quit the karate club so kenichi forfits. He continues to train at the dojo (called Ryouzanpaku)and finds out that as he gets stronger more and more people want to fight him! Including the infamous group of delinquents called "The Ragnarok Gang!" (which makes him sad) soon enough everyone (except for Miu and Elder) are teaching kenichi in different styles of martial arts. Eventually even Sakakki Shio (the karate sensei) joins in. Kenichi is truly happy except for the fact that they're training methods are soooooooo hard!!!! He now stays there every night. cuz he agreed to be a true disciple. Character Info: Main and sub-Main: Name: Kenichi Shirahama Age: 15 Influence on martial arts: he wants to protect the weak and the ones he cares about. Easiest thing to notice about him in the anime: Loves Miu Strengths: never gives up (even though his sensei's keep pulling him down) Weaknessess: He used to be weak and helpless before and in the beginning of training. Name: Miu Furinji Age:15 Influence on martial Arts: Her grandfather Easiest thing to notice about her in the anime: She's inoccent, honest, and clueless. Strengths: She can easily become one if the strongest people Kenichi has ever seen. Weaknesses: Constant mood changes (ps: the theme song's really cool so u get to see tht 2 cuz its the only thing that introduces niijima ENJOY!) Name: Niijima Haruo Age:15 Usage of Character: He provides info to kenichi on who's currently hunting him down. Easiest thing to notice about him in the anime: His forked tounge, pointed ears and ability to pop up out of no where Strengths:......none weaknesses: EVERYTHING Sensei's and inhabiters of Ryouzanpaku (Excluding elder) Name: Apachai Hopachai Speciality: Muay Thai Easiest thing to notice...: He acts like a 7 year old (maybe younger) Strengths: super-fast, powerful, big Hardest traing method: when he asks Kenichi to "dodge" Coolest/Weirdest thing: completely childish in every way (PLS READ B4 U WATCH!!!!: shigure is the girl in the white wraped bathing suit) Name: Shigure kousaka Speciality: Weaponry Easiest thing to notice...: She hangs out with a mouse and her eyebrows are squiggly Strengths: strong but almost completely silent Hardest training method: sword fighting while kenichi doesnt hav a sword Coolest/weirdest thing: she can use anything as a sword Name: Ma kensei Speciality: Chinese kempo (owns accupuncture clinic) Easiest thing to notice...: he's a total pervert Strengths: he is swift and quiet (which helps him to sneek up on miu or shigure Hardest training method: tieing iron weights to kenichi's feet while he goes shopping with miu Coolest/Wierdest thing: carries a camera around to take pics of miu and shigure's..... (u no wats) Name: Sakaki Shio Speciality: Karate Easiest thing to notice...: Drinks a lot of sake Strengths: big body Hardest training method: well all of them i guess Coolest/Weirdest thing: mean pesonality but is probably the person who cares about kenichi the most. (he's the one in the white shirt and kimono pants) Name: Akisame koetsuji Speciality: Ju jitsu (owns bone clinic) Easiest thing to notice...: always wants to push kenichi to the fullest Strengths:very knowledgeable Hardest training method: A LOT!!!! Coolest/Weirdest thing: nice and hard-core at the same time LOL Here's a recap: The shirahama family Name: Honoka Shirahama Position in family: Annoying little sister Feelings towards kenichi: she absoluetly LOVES him. Feelings towards Ryouzanpaku: she is uneasy about Miu who she calls "big boobs" but is best friends with Apachai and shigure Funniest thing: She is probably smarter than apachai Name: Genji Shirahama Postion: Father Feelings/Kenichi: Believes in him but in secret Feelings/Ryouzanpaku: doesnt nesscesrily like it but believes in kenichi Funniest thing: owns 2 guns: Sebastian and Maximillion Name: Saori Shirahama Postion: Mother Feelings/Kenichi: believes in him and shows it Feelings/Ryouzanpaku: as long as kenichi is ok with it she is Funniest thing: she hits genji with a pan Here's sum videos of kenichi's wacked-out family: the people who quit ragnarok Name: Takeda Ikki Title: Takeda the Stricker Speciality: Boxing Reason for quitting: After fighting, kenichi finds out tht Takeda's left arm is paralyzed whichi is why he left the boxing club and joined Ragnarok so he brings him to Akisame who fixes it no tht his arm is better he quit ragnarok and joined the school's boxing club. Relationship/Kenichi: He now says he is in debt to kenichi (Takeda is the one with the pony-tail) Name: Ukita Kouzou Title: Ukita the thrower Speciality: Judo Reason for quitting: After seeing Takeda quit Ragnarok and re-join the boxing club he missed the judo club (even though he doesn't like to show his emotions) so he quit Ragnarok. Relationship/Kenichi: Takeda always drags Ukita to go talk to Kenichi. He doesn't technichly hate Kenichi..... The one he really hates is Niijima..... (but seriously who doesn't?)
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fiji_123 says:   15 February 2009   125954  
Nice Kenichi description so detailed!!!!!!
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LOL Domo!

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