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 "When you cheat, it's called Cheating... When I cheat, it's called strategy!"
I like oriental things like anime and manga(and sushi!). I LOVE dragons and reading about them. My fav movies are Mulan, DOA, and D-Wars (Dragon Wars.) My favourite sports Indoor soccer, soft-ball, baseball, and basket ball. I would like to be an author of books for kids aged 9-12. I like J-pop, (like m-flo, and FLOW) and Korean music like DBSK! I don't have any pets cuz my brother is allergic to fur and I really want a dog! Let me make just a few things clear: The two best Shonen's are: Bleach (NO DOUBT) : Shijou Saikyo no Deshi Kenichi: KenIchi the Mightiest Disciple Pictures, Images and
Photos And the two best Shojou's are: Ouran High School Host Club (OF COURSE!): ouran high school host club Pictures, Images and
Photos Shugo Chara: Shugo Chara! Pictures, Images and Photos My top 10 fav anime couples And as an extra bonus-my favourite thing about them and my favourite couple moment! #10: Kamina and Yoko Kamina X Yoko post format Pictures, Images and
Photos My favourite thing about Kamina and Yoko is that Kamina's loud and leader-like attitude compliments Yoko's timidness perfectlly. (And by timidness I mean the times when she's not firing her giant gun at the beastmen!) #9: Tadase Hotori and Amu Hinamori shugo chara tadase and amu Pictures, Images and
Photos These two are an awesome couple because whenever they do a character change they end up confessing to each other and afterwards it gets really akward! My favourite TadaxAmu moment is when Ran character changes with Amu and makes her confess to the entire school that she is in love with Tadase! #8: Uryuu Ishida and Orihime Inoe Uryuu & Orihime Pictures, Images and
Photos My favourite thing about these two is that even though Uryuu seems like the one who's going to end up as a loner by the end of the anime, and Ichigo and Rukia are undoubtedly going to end up together, therefore leaving Orihime, (no-offense...) its kinda like a 'no one is going to end up alone by the end of this anime! Rock on Tite Kubo! (Well, when we get to Renji... we'll talk...LOL) #7: Winry Rockbell and Ed Elric ed winry Pictures, Images and Photos My favourite thing about this couple is the most obvious thing in the world: THE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE! Enough said! #6: Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno naruto loves sakura Pictures, Images and
Photos The SakuxNaru match-up is awesome because of Naruto's constant attempts to get Sakura's attention. Hence the first 2-3 seasons! #5: Miu Furinji and Kenichi Shirahama KenIchi the Mightiest Disciple Pictures, Images and
Photos Oh, this is a really funny couple and should really deserve to be lower (even though, the rest of these couples are awesome!)... I'll get back to this! LOL Anyway, the fact is that Kenichi loves Miu even though in the beginning of the anime Miu is like a 1000000th dan black belt in every single martial art known to human-kind, and Kenichi... well, he knows squat, nada, zilch, nuttin at all! Don't worry he gets better but you should watch the anime instead of me telling you! #4: Eureka and Renton Renton and Eureka Pictures, Images and Photos These two totally rule! One of the good things about these two is that there isn't much competition for their crush. (Like an Iruga in YuufaXRoan) and also, they are a couple before the end pf the anime... Unlike Haruhi and Tamaki... #3: Haruhi Suzumiya and Kyon (I couldn't decide on 1 pic...) haruhi and kyon Pictures, Images and Photos These two are like the FUNNIEST anime couple EVER! My favourite thing about them is that Haruhi is WAY over-exuberant and Kyon is actually praying to God to make sure Haruhi doesn't kill him or anything! LMAO #2: Haruhi Fujioka and Tamaki Suou tamaki and haruhi Pictures, Images and Photos Yay! thes two are AWESOME! There not really your average couple because for one thing, usually the girl is the one who hides secret feelings for the dude. BTW Tamaki made the first move! Another thing, is that usually the person knows that he/she likes their crush but Tamaki is none the wiser. It's really stupid he was like 'Wait... if I'm not Haruhi's father then, why do I always get mad when guys talk to her and try to get close to her?' Then, Hikaru (or one of the twins anyway) was like 'Wow, Tamaki-senpai is more of an idiot then I thought... He doesn't even know he likes Haruhi...' #1: Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki Ichigo Rukia Pictures, Images and Photos Ichigo and Rukia... What can I say! Well, One: They're from my FAVOURITE anime. Two: They totally rule. and Three: They deserve each other. And I refuse anyone who tells me otherwise... (Unless Tite Kubo comes to my house or messages/e-mails me telling me exactly how bleach ends) so tough luck! If u have a youtube account come and find me I'm bleachgirl999! Here's My pokeplushie!!! href="">
Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!
Get your own at PokePlushies! My FAVOURITE anime: ........||||||||| .........|---| .........|---| .........|---| .........|---| .........|---| .........|---| .........|---| .||||||||||||||||||||| .||||||||||||||||||||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...|||||||( )||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...|||||||( )||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||I|||| ...||||||||||||/|||/ ...|||||||||||/|||/ ...||||||||||/|||/ ...|||||||||/|||/ ...||||||||/|||/ ...|||||||/|||/ ...||||||/|||/ ...|||||/|||/ ...||||/|||/ ...|||/|||/ ...||/|||/ ...|/|||/ ...||||/ ...|||/ (got this frm the Captain of my Squad: Elementalsoulreaper on youtube) It PWNS doesn't it?! bleach Pictures, Images and Photos And if I could find any anime character whose personality is almost or competely like mine in every way... Well... stamped rukia Pictures, Images and Photos Here are some quiz results... What
Zanpakutou Would You Have?
What Zanpakutou Would You Have?
Hosted By Anime What Host Are You?
What Host Are You?
Hosted By Anime Who Is Your Ouran Host Date?
Who Is Your Ouran Host Date?
Hosted By Anime Hmm... it knda looks like Renji... (If you were my school friend, you'd get why I just said this)

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RULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain...
14 Aug 08
Have you seen the Newest Bleach theme: Chu-Bura?
Well if u hav seen Chu-bura then u still...

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‹Blossom Butt<3› 27 May 10  
who's this again ?
ninjagirl_999 28 May 10  
??? My names ryu, and you are?
Bloody_Valentine_0331 5 May 09  
My DeviantART:

Cara Lee Jonas' Deviantart: (OK I'm not gonna hold it against her that she likes
the jonas brothers...)
Get an account and post your drawings!!Use a camera if you don't have a
ninjagirl_999 16 May 09  
kk thnx
xxx_DIAC_xxx 11 Apr 09  
U think that orehimae and ouriuo (the girl u hate and the bow and arrow guy)
(just in case I misspelled their names, which most likly I did), is a better
couple that tadase and amu? Just asking, not saying anything
ninjagirl_999 1 May 09  
I answered this at school but... whatevs (btw it's Orihime and Uryuu) I was on
for like five minutes when I posted that anyway
SasuSakuGirl 16 Feb 09  
Hey, its me! (AnimeHeart95) I HAD to make an account for SASUSAKU! :D lol
ninjagirl_999 18 Feb 09  
got it!
I'll add this one too!
fiji_123 24 Jan 09  
Did you get Sunny D's kupika yet it is called Sun_Wo.
ninjagirl_999 26 Jan 09  
kk whatevs...
dreading the loss of my kukai-sama...
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