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Latest twits by pussydestroyer

lmao idk why I
    6 hours ago

idk why I still try to change myself when I know I'll never change lmao.
    6 days ago

I have done the worst damage I've done in some time and I'm a little shook bc I bled so little but I could see all the grossness on the inside,, boi better believe I get septicaemia
    30 August 2017

I just rlly like bleeding and rlly like feeling like shit
    28 August 2017

I wish my mum wouldn't pressure me to take off my hoodies or wear shorts and I also wish it would get cold again so I don't overheat n die
    27 August 2017

Idk why she gets so mad at the prospect of me wanting to die bc she very clearly doesn't want me in her life. lol what a sham. idk why I'm here anyway.
    22 August 2017

I have given up on behaving well and I am waiting until I'm frustrated enough to do some serious damage!!
    22 August 2017

I am behaving so well even tho all I want to do is scream and shred my skin off!!!!
    21 August 2017

    20 August 2017

dead dead I like to pat my dogs head
    17 August 2017

i don't know what career I want anymore bc there's so many options and I didn't plan to live for this long help
    16 August 2017

you shouldn't be proud of being obese, ever. it's a health risk and it's gross to look at. stop.
    14 August 2017

I just want to be happy.
    12 August 2017

sometimes I wish I was molested bc then people wouldn't think I was being so irrational when I freak out over him and hearing his name.
    6 August 2017

at least i have yung lean
    5 August 2017

An ear infection and being deaf for three days is better than this FUCKING BEEPING. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP ALL FUCKING DAY MAKE IT S T O P
    5 August 2017

I wish people would notice my existence without me reminding them of it first. It's nice to be wanted.
    4 August 2017

inside outside upside down I feel like a messy toddler and I want to die die die die die die die~~ I just want pills and to lay down foreverrrrrrrr~~~~~
    4 August 2017

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid I'm fucking stupid stupid dumb cunt retard moron fucking idiot WHY DID I LET MYSELF GET INVESTED WHEN I SWORE I WOULDNT
    29 July 2017

I've never ever ever ever been good enough and I never ever will be lmao idk why anyone bothers with me anymore
    29 July 2017

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