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Latest twits by pussydestroyer

I need a new phone so bad my screen is fucked
    4 hours ago

xxxtentacion got murdered wtaf
    16 hours ago

do i start planning all my uni dissertations now bc boy am i passionate about my study area. media communications WHAT?
    18 hours ago

I found out that Mercedes Benz makes the buses that my city uses and idk what else to do with this info
    1 day ago

if i get one more cunt wars ad on my movies imma flip
    1 day ago

i have given up on stretching my ears for the 80294892 time just bc i fancy wearing hoop earrings xo
    1 day ago

put me in the bin and send me to be landfilled
    2 days ago

that works too just feed me fuckin female hormones my life is falling apart
    3 days ago

give me oestrogen you cunts
    4 days ago

i love you, al
    5 days ago

you need to lay off the green, Al
    6 days ago

I am sick of pollen
    10 June 2018

i'd be lost without erin
    8 June 2018

i just discovered that they make salted caramel matchmakers and my life has purpose
    6 June 2018

why is love island a thing
    4 June 2018

death is more appealing than doing literally anything else and I am so tempted to just take the easy road
    4 June 2018

mixing drinks was worth it last night but today my internal organs are just weeping in a corner hhhhhhhhah
    3 June 2018

ever watch so many things u run out of things to watch because same
    2 June 2018

i'm redoing my playlist of every song i've ever listened to and i'm already 417 songs in,,, my old one was over 1000 tracks we'll see how long this takes
    29 May 2018

I would quite like to cave my head in with a slab of concrete dropped from a great height
    27 May 2018

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