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Latest twits by pussydestroyer

love is pretty tidy albeit frustratin
    23 hours ago

i've missed this feeling so fucking much. i'd do anything to make this last
    2 days ago

nvm i had to console my wife with a cigarette in a shady subway and i remembered we had bread and pate
    2 days ago

mama got me co codamol time to turn up
    2 days ago

my dogs r my biggest fans and I'm ok with that
    3 days ago

why am I the only person here
    3 days ago

just kill me fam
    5 days ago

i'd put you on my shoulders even if i was armless
    7 days ago

male feminist allies are by far worse than political lesbians and serfs/terfs i swear to christ
    8 October 2018

shalom, jackie!!!!!!!
    7 October 2018

caterpillar sex is a great album
    5 October 2018

90s robert de niro would get it,, hot
    4 October 2018

more so dramatic. ive got an addictive personality, i get it from my parents.
    4 October 2018

im getting a job solely so i can buy codeine again. im sick of feeling this way, id rather have warm fuzzies and lose weight than be sober and hateful.
    4 October 2018

human centipede 3 was a giant fucking insult to the human centipede 1 and 2 and i hate the directors for being such tryhard fuckwits
    3 October 2018

the human centipede 2 was an excellent piece of cinema dont @ me
    1 October 2018

having a nightmare abt ur abuser and then spending the entire evening doing homework on feminism isnt how i wanted to spend suicide sunday
    1 October 2018

my dog gets mad when i hit my leg and shes so funny when shes angry i love her
    30 September 2018

in bruges is always gonna be the funniest and most heart-wrenching movie ever
    29 September 2018

my dogs r retarded and thats why i love them
    28 September 2018

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