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Latest twits by pussydestroyer

laugh it up you cunts ill just cry all the same
    2 days ago

ok i need to stop getting stoned n drunk all the time or its gonna be 2016 all over again
    3 days ago

what did it cost?
    4 days ago

i hope the life that flashes before your eyes is mine and it doesnt flash fast
    4 days ago

i am ready to enter my cocoon and die a peaceful death
    4 days ago

i fcking love flight rising my clan is gorgeous
    6 days ago

its raining and i want a spliff but im trying to coordinate life and its HARD
    12 August 2018

Why do I love thanos so much despite the pain he hath brought
    8 August 2018

i knew they filmed a lot of sherlock in my hometown but really?? my college???? bruh
    5 August 2018

i love jeffree star's old music soz
    4 August 2018

tonight is not going to end well for me
    4 August 2018

if you want to get a tapeworm eat some pork, if you want to get a tapeworm eat some pork! lamb, chicken, beef, fish or egg! forget it, you wont get a tapeworm
    3 August 2018

why am i so fucking sad i really just want this to end man
    2 August 2018

why is my brain a fat dyke fuck you
    2 August 2018

i need a wee but i ran out of toilet paper im dying inside
    1 August 2018

egg, egg and eggy
    1 August 2018

fucking hell now theres another irritating cunt to add to the retard stew
    31 July 2018

i am smooth and beautiful like a beluga
    29 July 2018

my tit hurts
    26 July 2018

i panic about everything these days n its so tiring
    25 July 2018

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