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Latest twits by ‹.~ (◕▿◕✿)Yuuki ~.›

When someone keeps trying to prove you wrong with literally everything you do :,)
    18 April 2019

I’m torn between pediatrics and microbiology...
    16 April 2019

I have never wanted a mini hand-held microphone more badly than I do now...
    1 April 2019

Playing my guitar at night when suddenly the light mysteriously flickers off and no one else was in the same room..yeah I’m done.
    5 January 2019

When people try to tell me I should find my direction in life, but I can't even find my way around IKEA
    14 October 2018

I didn't think commuting to college would be THAT bad...but parking sucks
    30 August 2018

I kinda want faux tapers (because I'm scared of getting real ones ;-; ) and a nose ring. It'd look really cute.
    11 November 2017

Happy Halloween to all those one celebrate it!
    31 October 2017

"There is s a child holding a copy of “Catcher in the Rye” and there is a child holding a gun. But only one of these things have been banned...and it’s not the one that can rip through flesh...
    20 October 2017

I'm too stubborn to get sick.
    13 September 2017

"For now, sleep well. When you've seen a bit more of the world, I'll come back to save you."
    7 April 2014

"The screams all sound the same~"
    18 February 2014

I am a psychotic stalker...
    21 December 2013

Can i just be socially awkward now?
    15 December 2013

I heard one time that "When you're drunk, you have no idea what you're doing. But when you're high, you know EXACTLY what you're doing."
    15 December 2013

Love is a complicated thing~
    14 December 2013

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