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Latest twits by ‹My_Eyes_Are_Up_Here ❤›

Screws fall out all the time. The world's an imperfect place.
    4 days ago

Why are the conversations dyinggggg 😧
    6 days ago

I'm so eager for nothing.
    7 May 2018

Yay, waking up early in the morning is the besttttffff 😫
    6 May 2018

Hopping around... Doodoodoo~
    5 May 2018

Feeling like crap so I'm off to bed. To feel more like crap. 🙄
    4 May 2018

Wonder if he knows. 🤔
    2 May 2018

Ugh kill me I feel like crap.
    1 May 2018

Bumbling on through.
    21 April 2018

    18 April 2018

I'm swamped for sure. Preparing for a full-on week. 😌
    16 April 2018

Just finished watching The Breakfast Club. I feel overcome with nostalgia. 😆
    14 April 2018

Why isn't humour humorous anymore?
    12 April 2018

I'm thinking about apologizing to a person I ghosted a long time ago
    11 April 2018

I just feel like watching a sad movie and melting into the couch. Pooh.
    10 April 2018

I hate it when people think our life is theirs to run.
    24 March 2018

This place is getting popular by the minute 🤣
    24 March 2018

    23 March 2018

I'm going stir-crazy in this damn house.
    22 March 2018

Oh, there goes the messages in my inbox. In a hole where I can't reach them. So, text me back?
    21 March 2018

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