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Latest twits by ‹PĆ¢tisserie›

My diet is not going well.
    8 hours ago

Still dreaming about that spiced apple tea. šŸ˜­
    1 day ago

I love watching cooking competitions, but damn, does it stress me out. I'm worried about all the competitors.
    3 days ago

Finally get 2 days off. I need it.
    3 days ago

My body wash smells like candy. This is very exciting for me.
    5 days ago

Not feeling good at all.
    7 days ago

On one hand, I'm happy to get so many shifts because I need the money. On the other hand, oh my God, help.
    14 August 2019

Okay, this spiced apple tea is fucking good.
    13 August 2019

Second customer this month who thinks you can send an email without accessing their own email and then fight me about it. The dumbassery is just too much sometimes.
    13 August 2019

Always nice when you recommend a movie to someone and they end up really enjoying it.
    12 August 2019

I am not a morning person at all.
    9 August 2019

Gonna donate blood again even though I had a mini panic attack last time, lol. It's not my fault. They use a MASSIVE needle.
    7 August 2019

I was literally just thinking about how a Facebook friend's hedgehog could still be alive after all these years, then 7 hours later, it's dead. I'm sorry for killing your hedgehog.
    6 August 2019

Thank God for my grandma. I am so lucky to have her.
    29 July 2019

Truth is I'm not happy, but this is the best I'm gonna get right now.
    29 July 2019

Chilling outside with my cat and she's incredibly adorable. I love her.
    28 July 2019

I kind of wish that when you died, you could get a few stats about your life. How many times you liked someone and they liked you back, how many times you lied, how many times you were lied to, etc.
    27 July 2019

Updated my phone theme and I can't get over how frickin' cute it is.
    27 July 2019

Wow, her art is even more amazing now.
    26 July 2019

:o What's her Insta? I'd love to follow her and see what she's up to.
    25 July 2019

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