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Latest twits by Iloveblondguys

@bellagotbored I initially read the first whore as a drawn out why
    5 June 2019

// ff_sub=completePage&aff_sub2=ZLP0a8y8TbjGdM0iIXlwz4R18uK6yp9 h
    4 June 2019

It'd be an honor to attend.
    9 May 2019

    24 April 2019

I will murder you all!
    24 April 2019

Maybe I'll try getting back into the swing of what 9 year old me was into, which was anime, UFO's, and alien abduction shit.
    29 March 2019

I'm still so heart broken, why can't I recover?
    22 March 2019

Can I be your girlfriend...?
    21 March 2019

It was your mom.
    20 March 2019

Jazzy:Pizzagate :D
    20 March 2019

I think the parents killed her and law enforcement is covering it up to hide incompetence.
    17 March 2019

DarthDankpeep666:If you're really inebriated, you won't be able to type anyway.
    9 March 2019

lol when I think I'll be posting a slew of twits that are of the same uniform theme but just end up spending all of my time on Youtube instead.
    6 March 2019

Everything seems fine on the outside but nobody knows how tumultuous everything feels inside lol.
    6 March 2019

The loneliness in my heart is crushing lol.
    6 March 2019

I have no one lol.
    6 March 2019

DarthDankPeep666:Yeah lel
    4 March 2019

Wow, it's somewhat possible to pretend to be the last person on earth as dead as Kupika is, I mean, I just have to imagine no one else could log in 'cause there are no other people #Mindlessthots
    1 March 2019

Haha, somebody just sent me a poem and I called it ''pretentious'', 'cause really, I mean, what do I know about poetry?Dude, if you see this, that was more facetious than anything else lmfao.
    1 March 2019

Bruh, I just attempted to create a website on here and 1.It's not showing up on Happenings, I thought it would and 2.Upon opening the page, it says 404 Not Found, what the hell?
    1 March 2019

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