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Latest twits by Grizzlies

i have excellent friends and it is almost enough to distract me from my troublesome family and the spider in my room
    23 May 2020

i am not calm
    23 May 2020

    21 May 2020

idk how to express the way i feel about coraline but it is strong
    20 May 2020

some thoughts will always upset you so it is better to just not have them
    18 May 2020

today i saw a wild panther and reported it to the british big cat society
    15 May 2020

i want to know the TRUTH
    12 May 2020

    8 May 2020

    30 April 2020

sometimes i log on and it's like literally no one else has logged on since the last time i did
    27 April 2020

How many spirals can u go through in a short space of time. i am finding out. so far: very many
    23 April 2020

just had a bad thought
    22 April 2020

u know what high school musical is just an elite series and im not ashamed to tell the truth
    14 April 2020

quite devastated that vanessa hudgens, who i dedicated many a kupika account to in my youth, announced that we shouldn't self isolate bc it's okay if people die
    18 March 2020

i dont know how to articulate this but i am obsessed with coronavirus
    16 March 2020

good lord will my attention seeking ever end??????????
    16 March 2020

not to be dramatic but i have a 40 times higher chance of dying from coronavirus than other people my age....... 4 0 !!!!!!!!!!!!
    13 March 2020

whats the name for that feeling when people like your joke but in a "that was good" way not a laughing way
    10 March 2020

i've had SUCH a good week so far i love uni
    31 January 2020

what does it feel like to be respected. i wanna know
    21 January 2020

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