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Latest twits by Grizzlies

i never know what's going on
    16 hours ago

i think i'll never be 100% comfortable anywhere other than at home with my family
    1 day ago

i need to learn to savour the moments i am not physically or mentally exerting myself cos they have become so rare
    2 days ago

big fat pizza and big fat cake NEEDED
    3 days ago

my life is nothing but a series of experiences i try to swiftly move on from
    11 April 2019

cant believe how much stuff i left at uni ffs could i BE any more of a fool
    5 April 2019

i am so much better than i was!!! my worst days are over :)
    5 April 2019

sometimes you just have to ask yourself "what the fuck?"
    4 April 2019

ultimate comfort is showering to change from one set of pyjamas to another
    1 April 2019

i like it when my mum calls me brave
    31 March 2019

    31 March 2019

i love me
    30 March 2019

keep reminding yourself that it does not matter
    30 March 2019

every time i come home from uni for the weekend my bedroom has been rearranged
    29 March 2019

i hope one day i am brave enough to not have to leave the kitchen to avoid getting jump scared by the toaster
    28 March 2019

this mindfulness thing is easy for me i am so good at not thinking
    27 March 2019

ive had a random burst of motivation recently and im so so happy to be here doing this course at this uni
    27 March 2019

it's kind of a funny story
    27 March 2019

ngl there's no better feeling than when you're fully in the work flow and just getting loads of stuff done
    22 March 2019

you can’t play the long game with anything because life a short game
    19 March 2019

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