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Latest twits by ‹Jazzy ♡›

andy biersack’s voice is heaven sent
    9 September 2018

so many strains, so little time
    7 September 2018

what’s up cock suckers
    29 August 2018

but tacos are pretty great
    19 August 2018

i love dick
    19 August 2018

shane dawson is my life
    15 July 2018

we don’t even fucking call them shrimp stfu
    6 July 2018

oi shazza, can ya pop to the servo and pick up a pack of durries and a six pack of VB
    4 July 2018

and the people are pretty attractive
    3 July 2018

the best thing about australia is that donald trump doesn’t run it
    3 July 2018

australians are just fuckin’ hilarious in general
    2 July 2018

everyone buy #YOUNGBLOOD on iTunes or i’ll cut you all
    19 June 2018

just finished reading love, simon so i guess you could say i’m a fucking mess :)
    6 April 2018

why do twelve year olds think they own this place
    20 March 2018

it’s been raining all week and it’s such perfect cuddle weather
    8 March 2018

why am i such a fuckup lmao
    11 February 2018

remind me to never have a crush on anyone ever again after this
    31 January 2018

do you ever just feel achingly empty
    26 January 2018

do you ever just wanna kys cause same
    22 January 2018

google search: how to deal with someone on pingas
    20 January 2018

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