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Latest twits by ‹Jazzy ♡›

can’t stop thinking of that josh kennedy vine where he starts a petition to put down his brother
    13 hours ago

also i’m really craving fried rice so that’s an issue
    1 day ago

post malone is a god and that’s all i really have to say at 1am
    1 day ago

why do rugs cost so much
    2 days ago

wow i love mental breakdowns *finger guns*
    6 days ago

hi @guys/girls/whoever, please fuck off with your nudes and give me cuddles and chocolate instead
    29 December 2017

what the actual fuck is happening on this site? i was gone for barely a week
    29 November 2017

"To The Bone" is a beautiful movie and I'm sobbing
    20 November 2017

"There's Something About Mary" describes me perfectly
    18 November 2017

every night i promise to myself that i’ll go to bed at 11 but it’s way past that and i could run a marathon
    16 November 2017

ily fay
    15 November 2017

do i buy a pride flag and risk being outed to my family or sit in closeted silence
    11 November 2017

it hasnt been 24 hours
    8 November 2017

I actually want to neck lmao
    6 November 2017

Kinda wanna kill myself, kinda wanna kill everyone around me
    9 September 2017

I genuinely hate people
    3 September 2017

lmao i thought i was over that fucker
    24 August 2017

Kind of made out with my crush last night
    27 December 2016

I'm camping at the beach with my crush. Life couldn't be better
    26 December 2016

So the clowns have arrived near my town and I'm scared
    7 October 2016

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