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Latest twits by DarthDankPeep666

I have a Spotify playlist that is eitheir late 70's-late 90's rock/alternative, and early to mid 2000's emo and alternative.
    26 April 2019

The meet and greet would make sense to me. But apparently it costs over $200 for a VIP ticket to meet him. I wish that he would would just go with that. Or be like Mark and make an actual stage show.
    25 April 2019

How the fuck does James Charles of all people have a "tour" planned. Like what is there for a makeup person like him to do in that environment? Genuinely curious.
    25 April 2019

Let's play a game of: is that an animal or a piece of trash being blown around by the wind, across the street?
    19 April 2019

I just watched a part of a mini series on Jim Henson, and I"m torn between crying over the man who created my nostalgia, or admiring how hot he was in college.
    17 April 2019

Tonight was fucking terrible and terrifying for me. I just hope there's help around if he ever has another allergic reaction.
    14 April 2019

My dog walked up to me all cute, wanting to sit in my lap, and then gagged on the floor right after. He played me. Almost gagged myself having to clean it up.
    12 April 2019

This is the first time I've started sweating again since November.
    7 April 2019

There's a new Columbine documentary coming out this year, but unfortunately none of the theaters near me are showing it.
    6 April 2019

It's been stormy weather outside all day today. Atleast I don't live in my old apartment, where the parking lot flooded a couple of feet every time it sprinkled.
    5 April 2019

Just horrificallly realized that my mother saw some of my "personal" items today. I'm going to need more vodka tonight. Atleast I'm married now.
    2 April 2019

Why are my neighbors SO FUCKING LOUD?
    25 March 2019

Apparently the trailer for Michael Bay's live action Dora the Explorer movie is finally out.
    24 March 2019

Meanwhile you have people like me that listen to things like Last Podcast for a chaotic aspect on true crime lol.
    19 March 2019

It's so tiring trying to get them to realize the flaws in their arguments. I don't understand why I keep trying.
    18 March 2019

I swear, my biggest pet peeve is hypocritical people. It
    18 March 2019

Atleast the bots add you.
    16 March 2019

We must protect the national treasure that is Alex Trebek. We need Nicholas Cage.
    15 March 2019

My last king cake of the Mardi Gras season is always a bit depressing.
    9 March 2019

i might actually get wasted tonight. Just warning you all now.
    7 March 2019

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