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Which member of the Organization 13 am I most like?

I took a quiz on which Organization 13 character I'm most like. I did it as if Xaveria (my organization 13 OC )was
taking the quiz. She is like me afterall ^^ XD This one-

What Organization XIII character are you?[Kingdom Hearts]
What is your favorite number, out of these?[Don't ask about it, just go along with the quiz] -
13- ^^ Unlucky number, but it seems lucky to me ^^

[Please don't get mad at me for asking, but it actually helps your answer] What is your favorite color?
1. black- mwuhahaha >:3

2. red

3. blue

4. yellow

5. white

6. grey

7. ice blue

8. purple

9. brown

10. violet

11. silver

12. green

13. midnight blue

What is your favorite quote?
1. "Dance water dance!"

2. "Begone!"- ...I dunno XD Something Xaveria would say ^^'

3. "Clever little sneak!"

4. "Got it memorized?"

5. "I'm glad you're my other."

6. "The first one to run out of time is the loser."

7. "I will give you all the hearts you need."

8. "The other scent belonged to..."

9. "I had no idea you felt to disrespected."

10. "A double created from a card."

11. "Who will it be?"

12. "I would've kicked him around some more."

13. "The heart is a mysterious thing..."

You're stuck in an alleyway, getting hit on by the opposite gender, unless your gay. What do you use to fight them off?
1. Cards and dice, manipulating is my thing

2. I try and talk to them calmly, then if it doesn't work, oh well.

3. I get out my tomahawk and start hitting them as hard as I can.

4. I use my two guns and start teleporting around them, I like to have fun by disappearing and reappearing on the

5. I go beserk by using the moonlight and get out my weapon then start bashing at the ground, trying to hit them all
away.- not moonlight but fire. This is the only one mentioning going psycho ^^

6. I take out my sitar and start playing melodies, trying to make them sleep, and if that doesn't work then I will use
my water

7. I talk to them as if they were my friends if it doesn't help, I get out my chakrams and start throwing them around,
using fir

8. I get out my two keyblades and if they aren't scared off by that, then I'll wall jump out of there.

9. I smirk and get out my scythe making rose petals appear everywhere, then I look like I'm the grim reaper, trying to
scare the

10. I get out my claws, then start talking to them smoothly saying that if they don't get out of my way, the lightning
storm wil

11. Why would anyone hit on me? I'm the oldest dude ever and ice rocks.

12. I get out one of my six lances, soon using the wind to make them leave.

13. I get out my sabres, I have no heart enough to think of what I'm doing.

What's your favorite element out of these, please pick one[not all of them are elements, please bear with it].
1. light

2. dark- woop! Darkness >:3

3. fire- FIAH POWAH!

4. water

5. ice

6. earth

7. wind

8. steel

9. manipulation

10. teleportation

11. moonlight

12. lightning

13. time

What is your favorite place out of these?
1. Over on the beach listening to music.

2. Staying at home playing cards alone.

3. In a tree, watching the leaves fall.

4. Looking up at the stars while the moon shines brightly.

5. I don't know, and I don't care.- Xavi's answer to almost anything XD

6. talking to my friends in my snooty but awesome voice.

7. feeling the wind on my face while I walk to nothing.

8. Close, but not on, a volcano feeling the warmth on my skin.

9. Trying to find my friends who can't seem to see me.

10. Looking up at the sky watching the rain fall seeing the lightning strike some poles, making me laugh.

11. Trying not to get myself into anything.

12. skating on an ice rink.

13. practing with my huge tomahawk.

Who is your favorite Organization XIII character[doesn't matter if it's a guy or girl, just choose one]?
1. Axel

2. Marluxia

3. Xemnas

4. Larxene

5. Vexen

6. Xaldin

7. Lexaeus

8. Demyx

9. Xigbar

10. Zexion

11. Luxord

12. Roxas

13. Saix- he looks like Sonic with his hair XD

What's your favorite Nobody?
1. Gamblers

2. Dancers

3. Dusks

4. Berserkers

5. Dragoon- I love dragons ^^

6. Sniper

7. Assassin

8. Creeper

9. Samurai

10. Sorcerer

11. I do not use Nobodies.

12. I like Heartless more.

13. Do I care?

What's your favorite world out of these?
1. Hollow Bastion

2. Olympus Colliseum

3. Port Royal

4. Twilight Town

5. World that never was, third save point.[aka: Twilight View]- just a random thing ^^

6. World that never was, fourth save point.[aka: Proof of Existance]

7. Beasts Castle

8. Twilight Town, at the Competition [struggle]

9. End of, the world that never was

10. Castle Oblivion

11. Christmas Town

12. Pride Lands

13. Home

Your result

Real name: Isa

Organization XIII's Number VII. He was in pursuit of the renegade Axel, but for some reason seemed more concerned about
Sora's well-being. Saix, like all Nobodies, has no heart but knows well how to injure one. No doubt himself is all about
savage nature don't you think? With the power of moonlight in his hands and his 'Claymore', he was almost impossible to
beat. But soon Sora had figured a way into finding out what Saix's weakness was and had eliminated him also.
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  ‹☢CAUTION!!☢› — Page created: 13 October 2010
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Foxblaze says:   13 October 2010   561962  
Lol, your in pursuit of me? XD That's right, I'm Axel! Got it memorized?
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   14 October 2010   362305  
D8 ... Hello... Lea >:3
That's right. I know your Somebody's name. Because we used to be friends as
Somebody's, and now we hate each other!! D8> ...My hair looks like Sonic the
Hedgehog... X3
XD (don't mind me, I'm hyper/random) 
Foxblaze says:   14 October 2010   935199  
XD lol. I wonder what happened to us Isa? =^x^=
We did used to be best friends, but then you changed!

Man I wish they made birth by sleep for the wii. Or at least the ps2. I really don't
wanna go out and buy a new platform cause of one epic game.
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   14 October 2010   309146  
No Axel... no you were the one that changed! *getting all dramatic XD*
Don't you dare tell me that I changed, when it was you that changed! *pout* XD

I know, it sucks so much! Wish they could make the games for all the platforms, so
that everyone who has atleast one platform can buy and play the game ^^ 
Foxblaze says:   14 October 2010   257938  
Saix? Are you pouting because.... you miss me? Does that mean.. you still.... care?
*Tears in eyes*

I know! Btw, are we rping? XD
‹knight of ren› says:   14 October 2010   552234  
oooh you guys! Stop fighting!

(I just happend the get demyx :3)
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   8 November 2010   931391  
Saix:...mayby... *arms folded over chest, pouting*
Maaaaayby ^^

Xaveria (my organization 13 character^^): Demyx.. when did you get here?... when did
I get here?!? We both randomly got into this convo randomly! o_O 
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