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What Organization 13 thinks of Xaveria

I did this quiz as Xaveria (my Organization 13 OC ) ^^

This is her personality-
Type: Loner
Good Qualities:Self-sufficient, doesn't care what people think of her, likes being alone
Bad Qualities: Detached, inability to form healthy relationships, little emotional reactivity

And this is what the Organization 13 members think of her (and what Xaveria has to say back to them)-

I. Xemnas: "A serious girl with an intelligent mind. No doubt she will greatly benefit our cause."
II. Xigbar: "She's such a cold fish, no fun at all."
III. Xaldin: "She has brains and beauty, but keeps herself isolated from the rest of us."
IV. Vexen: "A good addition to the Organization. Helpful and very clever."
V. Lexeaus: "Sometimes it seems like she has no personality."
VI. Zexion: "When I try to talk to her, she answers me shortly... I wonder why she's so withdrawn?"
VII. Saix: "Level-headed and bright. But very quiet."
VIII. Axel: "I don't like her that much... She won't talk to hardly anyone."
IX. Demyx: "I wish she didn't stay away from me. I don't have many friends in the Organization as it is..."
X. Luxord: "All brains, but not very friendly."
XI. Marluxia: "Hm. I think she's onto me."
XII. Larxene: "She's such a clever girl, but she always stays in her room."
XIII. Roxas: "I don't talk to her that much..."

Xaveria's thoughts on everyone's opinions-
(To Xemnas)- "Thankyou Superior.. -_-" (normal blank facial expression xD )
(To Xigbar)- "your a damn perverted fish -_-"
(To Xaldin)- "...mayby brains.. but certainly not beauty.. -_-"
(To Vexen)- "Thankyou Vexen."
(To Lexaeus)- "Thats cause I have no freaking emotions..! TT__TT
(To Zexion)- "I don't like talking to people.. I always know that no one is going to like me, so there's no point in
talking to anyone... -_-"
(To Saix)- "Thanks.. and.. I don't like to be loud or speak up soo..."
(To Axel)- "I hate you too.. Your not the only one with issues! TT__TT"
(To Demyx)- "I am your friend... and your the one that's kind of staying away from me.. and I understand why that is..
cause Imma monster -_-"
(To Luxord)- "Not very friendly... guess your right -_-"
(To Marluxia)- "...wait.. what..?!? Are you making some sort of plan about the organization?!? TELL ME OR I KILL YOU!!!
(To Larxene)- "That's cause I saw your face and I had to get away from the horrible sight.. that is your face..! -_-"
(To Roxas)- "Mayby try to.. although, you might not like me that much.. -_-"
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