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Time for Ramblin' and Tea

Hey, this'll be the page for my (hopefully) regularly updated podcast. I'd probably call it an aBlog, but that's not
really an accepted term. Basically it's me rambling on about certain things. So far, it's kupika's fools, it'll probably
branch out into other things once I run out of new stuff to talk about.

Most people seem to enjoy listening to it purely because've my accent, and I'm fine with that, since a listener is a

Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Epidode 3:
Episode 4: [Not so awesome.. but still fun!]
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  neoeno — Page created: 22 February 2007  |  Last modified: 21 July 2007
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arthottie says:   10 March 2007   656553  
Whoop Whoop 


redrose412 says:   11 March 2007   174822  
whats this club about
neoeno says:   11 March 2007   613427  
Read the page (aside from the comments) and see if you observe the word 'club'
anywhere, I'll be very surprised :P
MrHello says:   18 March 2007   851873  
In Episode 2 you are eating,Honey Bunches of Oats
neoeno says:   18 March 2007   476839  
MrHello: You're wrong! Someone already guessed correctly elsewhere anyway :P
‹EvaHEROIN› says:   21 April 2007   273341  
hey! i loved the podcasts they were awesome! were you eating cheerios or coco pops
or rice krispies? just a few guesses! yeah so just wanted to say thanks for
brightening my day with your ramblings they were good.
xxx : D
‹EvaHEROIN› says:   9 May 2007   573291  
Bernie says:   8 June 2007   698587  
The way you pronounce kupika is cool.
Bernie says:   8 June 2007   271313  
I pronounce it kupeeka.
‹EvaHEROIN› says:   21 July 2007   455142  
I'm worried what you might say about me on your new podcast you mentioned O_O
*all nervous and twitchy like*
Butbut, butbut, butbut ...

saralyn247 says:   9 May 2008   336287  
I love your voice! And the way you pronounce Kupika.... ramblings are cool. <3
saralyn247 says:   9 May 2008   252435  
Oh and by the way you scared the shit out of me with your... screaming. xD
neoeno says:   10 May 2008   526359  
Rarrr :D
saralyn247 says:   16 June 2008   794455  
Oh, and now that I'm spamming you the music in the episodical goodness of Podcast 3
was pretty awesome. xP
saralyn247 says:   11 November 2008   129147  
AND. I hate it Steve, please die.
neoeno says:   11 November 2008   936324  
saralyn247 says:   11 November 2008   167748  
... <>
saralyn247 says :   11 November 2008   218246  
D: < _ >
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