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Evolution: It's Simple.

A lot of otherwise intelligent and discriminating people have expressed that they don't believe in evolution. This
puzzles me a bit, because--as I hope you will find--the precepts of evolution are pretty much the most self-evident of
all well-known scientific theories. I can pretty much guarantee that, by the time you've finished reading this page, and
provided you're not some crazy kid who claims repeatedly that nothing is true.

The three core precepts of evolution are these:
  1. Offspring inherit the traits of their parents. So, two poodles will have a poodley puppy.
  2. The offspring of an organism is in some way different to the parents. Either because the two parents' traits have 'mixed' or because of a mutation.
  3. The more 'successful' organism (the one that is able to reproduce most efficiently) will triumph over the less 'successful' organism in terms of numbers or ubiquity.
And that's it. Are you convinced? No? I can't think why not, but let's go into some case studies that you'll be familiar with:
  • Purpose-bred Livestock: In England, as all of us rural folk will know, there are a number of different types of cow. There are Jersey cows, Guernsey cows, and Friersian cows (and more!). These cows all have different characteristics. For example, the Friersian cows are black and white, whereas the other two are brown. More importantly to the farmer, they have different milk production. Jersey cows produce milk with high fat and protein content, but the Friersian cows produce a lot more milk. This is due, at least in part, to selective breeding. The farmers of old would take the cow with the kind of milk they wanted, leave it with a bull they rather liked the sight of (ideally the son of a cow with the milk characteristics they wanted), and let them get down to business. They'd keep doing this over the years, and eventually you'd end up with a cow essentially custom-made for our purposes.
  • Purpose-bred Pets: Now, imagine the scene. Before humans were around, the cats were free. Black and white cats bounding around the Australian bush, fellows with the Persian cats and the slightly-blue cats. Sound realistic? Not really. Cats are predators, and to be a predator you need to be discrete. Having little white paws is a bit of a giveaway. And what about those tiny cats you see? How would they get their food? Fact is, again, it's selective breeding. This time, however, we've bred cats to be beautiful! Same with rats, dogs, and most any other kind of pet you care to name. Can you imagine a pack of these hunting and mauling to death a deer? I think not.
  • The Flu: (I actually feel quite bad for that Indian woman... saying goodbye to all her ducks before they get culled ) Anyway, the flu. There's a different one each year, that's how come you have to be immunised against it every year, 'cause it's a slightly different virus. To all the creationists in the hall: do you think that's what god does with his spare time? Make up a different flu virus every year? Somehow I doubt it :P The flu virus evolves every year, goes through a slight mutation, so our immune systems can't recognise it. This is the same reason they ask you to always finish a course of medicine rather than just stopping when you feel better (because it allows the germs to mutate in your body, and thus create a strain of the disease the medicine can't help you with).
And that's it! More complex evolutions, say the evolution of the eye, I can understand people being more skeptical about. But hopefully now you can see that evolution does happen, if only on a very basic scale. Edit: Though some convincing evidence is found here. Note particularly the evolution to utilise citrate. It is a clear example of a beneficial increase in the complexity of an organism. Feel free to post questions or suggestions in the comments.
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  neoeno — Page created: 11 August 2008  |  Last modified: 28 April 2009
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saralyn247 says:   11 August 2008   294944  
Poodley puppy. <3

I can't understand how people could NOT believe evolution. It's not like a new
species just falls from the sky or something. xD
BrieAnna says:   11 August 2008   819629  
I've seen packs of those foofy dogs chasing deer around ALL The time.
saralyn247 says:   12 August 2008   686636  
Oh yeah, there's a huge pack that sometimes hunts in my backyard. :D
Wrought_Iron_Rose whispers:   15 August 2008   526547  
Hurrah for opposable thumbs! ^_^ (I'm beginning to think they're the only reason
humans are the 'dominant species'... that and we feel we have to be. Just think! What
if cats could turn door knobs or work computers! We'd all be in BIG TROUBLE. >_>
neoeno says:   15 August 2008   183839  
I can see it now... pictures of cute humans in amusing situations with hilarious
chatspeak captions... D:
saralyn247 says:   16 August 2008   449446  

neoeno says:   16 August 2008   612539  
Noooo XD
saralyn247 says :   16 August 2008   637765  
Yeeessss. :D

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