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Steve's Writings

Steve's been a writer for a fair while, he will showcase some of his writings here! Comments are nice, whether positive
or negative (but make those negative ones constructive, if you can).

In no solid order. The 'fore text is an excerpt

..."If you'll take a look through the one-sided mirror at the front of your room, you'll see our current patient,"
Chris did, and he noticed a look of loathing on the face of the teenage girl in there. She looked drawn, and her fingers
were writhing over each other. The other woman, who he presumed to be the councillor, was smiling through some slightly
misty glasses, nodding in a comforting way. She had warm curly hair down to her ears, and her skin was reassuringly

Remember: Your sweatshirts MUST be worn over your shirts at all times, even if you take them off temporarily during
lesson. The time on the beep will be three-fourtyeight... beep... All services to/from Portsmouth Harbour are
unavailable due to sun on the lines, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. The time on the beep will be, would you
like to supersize? We both know you do. Beep. Beep. Beep....
Little Marxists

...This had been happening for years now. The liquid inside was hopelessly out of date. But I've had it for years
now. Every night, staring down at it. Was I Alice, or Pandora? The gleam of the bottle opener caught my eye, and I
remembered that the looking glass was never locked....
It's All in Your Head

"God or me."


"You heard. Choose, God or me."...
All thy Heart, All thy Soul, All thy Mind

I'd contend that it's one of the hardest things in the world to see someone getting destroyed. I can't work out
whether seeing someone destroy themselves is better or worse, but I don't suppose ranking is going to help
Thousand Yard Stare

...As my body cools, the signals in my wires will slow,
and before long, an hour or two, I'll be gone too.
Leaving behind a sack of cells, and they'll collapse,
eventually being consumed by cells better made than me....
What's Left

...Oh Alex. There's not a thing I could say that someone else hasn't already said. I found out in the car, on my way
to Pittsburgh. One of my best friends shakingly poured out the words through the phone and into my head "Something
horrible has happened. It's Alex. Alex Shane." All the life drained from my body with her next few words and it took
everything in me to stay in my lane....
The Last Away Message

..."Will the gentleman or the... gentleman be taking dessert?"

At the same time, we answered "Uhh... no thanks", then grinned at eachother. The waiter smiled as much as his job
description permitted....
Wearing The Skirts

...Putting pen calmly to paper, I started adding up the triangle Josh had mentioned. The most difficult part of this
was not reacting to what they were saying. The exam invigilators' job was to make sure people weren't cheating,
and--though they were far less strict and more oblivious than they made themselves out to be--even they would become
suspicious if I started regularly nodding or smiling....
An Internal Examination

I hold the weighty chunk of dull brass coloured metal in my right hand; a thin, bent in the middle, strip of
stainless steel in my right. I slide the latter into the a small slot in the former, and place a slight force against
the strip. I'm creating an unseen force, and noticing a barely audible tap in the mechanics of the machine. Notifying me
of its readiness to be compromised...
Breaking Into Another World

...I was feelin' pretty fly at the time. I'd just got back from my break-dancing lessons at the bingo hall. I tell
you, you never see bingo in the same light again. Anyway, I thought I'd get a coffee. This girl was givin' me some
pretty heavy vibes, so that boosted my confidence to Bond level. She asked me how I liked my coffee. I decided against
'Shaken, not stirred', the poor girl might get scalded. The only alternative was...

"Just how I like my women: Steaming, black, and in a plastic cup."...
Coffee. Black Coffee. (From the series: Coffee Shops.)

Thunder hammered around the warehouses, and Rob's arms ached. It was just gone 4:32AM when he sent the last of his
seven unicycles over the edge. He'd had enough. Enough of waking up in an ally behind a theatre with a stiff hat
imprinted into his face. Enough of vacuuming away the wig hair that had accumulated in his carpet. Enough of the fucking
juggling balls. He threw a box full of those over the side too; the spinning colours stung his eyes before dulling down
into the general refuge below....
Purging (From the series: Sad Clown)
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saralyn247 says:   9 May 2008   524518  
I love the coffe one. xD "Still, it was some great coffee."
saralyn247 says:   9 May 2008   239984  

Yes, I did need to correct that. D:
WHITNEY78 cries :   2 June 2009   281751  

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