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This is my page all about cookies! 1/11/08 Today I saw 10 hundred million cookies on tv! I was rotfl!! For reals! All of the cookies in the cookie jar thought that I was having a stroke because I refused to eat any of them! They were so scared! It made me feel real sad so to make it up for them I threw a party and I ate them all! They were so happy! Seriously they are singing happy songs in my stomach right now! I wish you could here it! It is beautiful! Well I will right more later! Buy peoples and cookies of the world! 1/12/08 Today I will sing a song! Who Stole the cookies from the cookie jar? Sugar Cookie stole the cookies from the cookie jar! Who me? Yes you! Couldn't be! Then who? Chocolate Chip Cookie stole the cookies from the cookie jar! Who me? Yes you! Couldn't be! Then who? White Chocolate Chunk Macadamia Nut Cookie stole the cookies from the cookie jar! Who me? Yes you! Couldn't be! Then who? Negimagirl stole the cookies from the cookie jar! Who me? Yes you! Of course I did! I stole all of you! (SNACK TIME!!!) **BITE! MUNCH! CRUNCH!** Yummy! THIS IS A COOKIE ALERT! THE PRESIDENT OF COOKIEVILLE HAS BEEN EATEN! YES, IT IS TRUE! SIR WHITECHOCOLATE CHUNKMACADAMIANUTCOOKIEWHICHTASTESSOVERYTASTY,GOOEY,ANDOHSODELICIOUSDIDYOUKNOWTHAT THISISTHELONGESTLASTNAMEKNOWNTOMAN,COOKIE,MONKEY,ALIAN,LAVAMEN,ANDEVERYOTHERSPECIESO FLIFEINTHESOLARSYSTEM!THATISSOMANYORGANISMSYOUCAN'TEVENIMAGINEANDMLASTNAMEISLONGER THENALLOFTHEIRS!THATISAMAZING!ANDNOTTOMENTIONTHATIAMGOINGTOBEPRESIDENTOFCOOKIEVILLE WHENIGROWUP!IAMGOINGTORUNFORTHECOOKIEJARWHENIAM3ANDAHALFDAYSOLD!THATISGOINGTOBEA LONGTIMEFROMNOW!IWILLBETHEBESTTASTINGTHATIWILLEVERBEATTHATPOINTSOIWILLBEASHOEIN'TO WIN!YEAH!IAMSOVERYHAPPY!OHANDDIDYOUKNOWTHATTHISLASTNAMEIS999BILLIONYEARSOLD!ITISO TOTALLYCOOL!WELLWEARECOMINGTOTHEENDOFMYLASTNAME!SO...WELL...THAT'SALLFOLKS!!!BYEYALLPEOPLES! Has been eaten and his killer is unknown. A search is underway to find the President's killer. Investiagtors have foundout that thekiller is a member of! So if you are the killer leave a response on this page. If you do then the Cookie Police will go easier on you!! 1/14/08 Hi peoples and cookies! I just found out about the death of the President and I am so very sorry to all the sad cookies out there! But the good news is that the cookie police are vvveeerrryyy close to finding the killer! I spoke with them yesterday and they told me so themselves!! I was so happy that I ate one of them! He is currently having a party in my stomach! Yeah cookie Party! This video is by the Cookie Singer presenting his new hit song The Cookie Blues! 1/18/08 Hi peoples! The killer has been found! The killer is confirmed to be a viewer of this KupiPage and his or hers name will be posted here later today! COOKIE ALERT The Killer is purfuma!!
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  negimagirl — Page created: 11 January 2008  |  Last modified: 19 January 2008
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purfuma says:   11 January 2008   657996  
cookies!!!!!!!*snatches cookies jar and takes cookies* *munch,munch* wasn't me? hehe........
AmyFromSonic101 says:   11 January 2008   658641  
bethlizy says:   11 January 2008   573293  
i... love...COOKIES!!
purfuma says :   14 January 2008   837754  
can u put cookie pictures please!!!!!!

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