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Facts pplz...kool ones to

FACTS!!!! 1. Alligators have 80 teeth 2. Alligators cant stick out there tongue 3. It took Leonardo Da Vinci 12 years to paint Mona Lisa's lips 4. Pigs cant look straight up into the sky 5. People don't know if Merlin really existed 6. Only Female Mosqitos bite 7. People give pet octopuses games to play with.- They get bored too! 8. John (i dont know his last name) invented the typewriter. on the top of your keybored the top row spells out : TYPEWRITER try it! 9. A spiders web silk is stronger than steel 10. The human bost has 630 muscles the caterpillar has more than 4000 11. Bees hav 3 eyes 12. Canada has the least history in the world. 13. Alberta is the 1st province in canada that has 77% of the oil 14. Bloody Mary is real(Mary Tudor) . She was princess after Queen Anne (Anne Boelyn) 15. Dinosours lives up to 80-300 years old 16. Scientists dont know how cats purr 17. Queen Elzibeth|| (the queen right now) is the head of Canada- (it had to do something about the war) -The giant squid has the larfest eyes in the world -A dolphin sleeps woth one eye open -Loud Fast music makle Termiter chew faster -Tigers have striped skin-not just fur -The Humming bird is the only bird who can fly backwards -Slugs have 4 noses :.INVENTIONS.: 18. Chinese people invented paper 19. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone 20. Robert Yeates invented the Can opener in 1855 befor, ppl used a hammer and nail 21. Charles P. Ginsberg invented video tape recording in 1951 22. Henry Cockeram wrote the first dictionary in 1623 Atm=Automated Teller Machine Am=Amplitude Modulation Fm= Frequency Modulation Am=Auto-Mapping Fm=Facilities Management Dna=deoxyribonucleic acid
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wow kool

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