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The battle for the Shikon Jewel was over. The jewel was gone and Inuyasha and Kagome were married as were Sango and
Miroku. Kagome was having a baby and Inuyasha was looking forward to being a father. He knew that he'd do anything for
his child. If the baby was going to be a girl he'd protect her at all times as he would for Kagome. But if the baby was
going to be a boy he would train him how to defend himself and how to fish and hunt.

But on the day that their son was born something happened. There was a battle and Inuyasha told Kagome to run for it and
to go back to her time. She ran to the well leaving Inuyasha to battle the demon on his own.

She hopped that she would go back one day but she knew that she couldn't without the jewel. Without it she could never
go back ever again. Kagome was going to raise her son on her own with the help of her family. When she heard the baby
crying she realised that she still hasn't named him. She smiled as she said "I'll name you after your father... how
about that Inuyasha?"

15 years later

Inuyasha had just turn 15 years old and he looks just like his father but has silver hair with two black streaks and
silver dog ears on his head and he has gold eyes. He hides his ears with a hat. He wears red cloths most of the time or
at least like to wear something red since it's his favourite colour. He doesn't have many friends cause of his attitude.
He can be rough but at times he's really a nice guy. He's the track star and the best kendo star and Martial Arts star.

In other words he's the best at every sport and really smart. But he doesn't show his smarts unless needed. Now we see
Inuyasha is walking down the sidewalk on his way home until he heard someone yell "Hey Inu wait up!!" He turned around
to see a boy with short black hair brown eyes wearing black jeans and a blue shirt. Inuyasha smiled and said "Takai
what's up?!" Takai ran up to him and said "nothing much how about you?" Inuyasha sighed and said "same old, same old mom
working late staying home alone."

Takai only smiled and said "really so nothing new huh dude?" Inuyasha nodded and asked "how about you?" Takai smiled and
said "me and my dad are going to play some ball while mom is out of town..." He saw the sad look in his eyes and said
"I'm sorry Inu I didn't mean to make you upset..." Inuyasha put on a fake smile and said "no that's alright you're just
lucky that you have a dad I don't even know mine I've never met him or seen him in any pictures I'm not even sure if
he's even alive..." Takai sighed and said in a calm tone "why don't you ask your mom about him?" Inuyasha said in a
calm/sad tone "I did but she said that she doesn't want to talk about him every time she sees me I can see the pain in
her eyes and I don't know why..."

Takai slightly smiled and said "well maybe it's because you look like him." Inuyasha thought about that for a bit and
said "that could be true I guess anyway I better head home before mom kills me see ya later!" Than Inuyasha ran home as
Takai left and ran toward his home. When he got home he yells "mom I'm home!!" Than a woman in her mid 20's came out of
the kitchen.

She had long black hair, brown eyes and was wearing a short green dress with a big smile on her face. Inuyasha said "hey
mom so you haven't left for work yet?" Kagome happily said "not yet Inu I was making your favourite meal before I left."
Inuyasha gave his mom a big smile and said with excitement "RAMEN!!" She nodded as he threw he ran to his room he threw
his bag and ran to the dinning room. Kagome laughed slightly and thought about his father.

She handed him his meal and said "well I'll see you in the morning I'll be working all night." Inuyasha asked "mom? Can
you tell me about my father?" She stopped in her tracks and said "I'm sorry Inu but I can't..." He stood up and yelled

Kagome turned around with tears in her eyes which made Inuyasha sit back down with a shocked look on his face. She said
"all I can say is that you act just like him... I'll see you tomorrow night Inuyasha..." Than she walked out of the
house. Inuyasha ate while thinking "mom was crying... I've never seen her cry before I didn't mean to make her cry...
I'm so ashamed of myself..."

Once he was done he left the house and locked it before he went for a walk. On his walk he was deep in thought thinking
about what he did to make his mom cry he was so ashamed of himself. He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard
someone call his name. He turned around and saw Takai. Takai walked up to him and said "hey I thought you'd be at your
house?" Inuyasha explained everything about what happened. Takai was in a little shock and said "wow I've never heard of
your mom crying in fact I've never seen her cry before that's just so strange." Inuyasha sighed and said "I know and I
thought that I was strange."

Takai smiled and said "what's so strange about you besides that you have dog ears, claws, fangs and super human
sense's." Inuyasha gave his friend a death glare and said "I thought we agreed that you'd never mention that in
public..." Takai sighed and said "sorry I forgot but I just think it's so cool I mean your good at every sport and the
star at all of it it's just so amazing!" Inuyasha sighed and said "trying to deal with that every day of your life... I
barley know anything about my abilities let alone know how to use them I've had them my whole life and I don't know how
I even got them."

Takai sighed and said "well your mom is normal maybe you got them from your dad?" Inuyasha nodded and said "that could
be it well there's still light outside I'm going to the shrine to help out my uncle see ya later!" Than Inuyasha ran off
toward the family shrine. When he got there he sees a man with short brown hair and brown eyes wearing a priest's kimono
sweeping. He ran to the man and said "hey Uncle Sota how are you?" Sota smiled and said "I'm doing well how about you
Inu?" Inuyasha smiled and said "I'm doing quite well well besides the fact that I made mom cry today..." Sota stopped
sweeping and said "what? How did you make her cry?"

Inuyasha looked at the ground and said "I kept asking about my father I wanted to know who he is so badly but I guess I
kind of pushed it and it made her cry I didn't mean too." Sota knelt to his nephew and said "well I can understand that
you'd want to know about your father but your mother wants to protect you from the same pain she felt I wish I could
tell you why they're not together but even I don't know only she would know and your father."

Inuyasha sighed and Sota said "how about you get something for me it's in the shed there's a old vase that's in there
could you get it for me?" Inuyasha nodded with a smile and was on his way to the well house until he stopped by the
sacred tree. He heard voice's that he felt like he's heard before. He than felt the well in the well house calling for
him. He walked toward the well house and when he opened the door there was nothing but the old dried up well. Inuyasha
sighed as he said "there's nothing in here why did I hear that voice?"

Than he walked toward the well and looked inside it to see nothing. He sighed and was about to walk away until he
suddenly felt faint and Sota came walking in and he saw Inuyasha fall into the well. Sota ran toward him yelling
"Inuyasha!!" Than before Sota could catch him Inuyasha had fallen into the well and disappeared.

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