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Death pt 1

Ok well i was hanging out w/ my friends b4 school started
Chibi High school
There was one thing i didnt know about them. About me. That we where demons.  When school started i saw my Friend Sayu
leaning by a wall waiting 4 me.
Sayu at school Pictures, Images and Photos
sayu walks over to me and flips her hair "wats up Lisa." I smile "nothing we should get 2 class"
we get 2 class and 20 minutes later our strange but hot classmate walks in late as uasual.  All the girls blush even the
Chibi Guy Pictures, Images and
he walks in confused "uh...srry i got lost and had 2 pee." I look up from my text book and he sits in his desk next to
mine.  he passes me a note.  i read t and it says "meet me behind the school after school." He winks at me and i blush
deep red.  After school instead of hanging out w/ my friends i go behind the school and wait 4 him.  I see him and he
looks like a totally different person
Yukino, Kisei Pictures,
Images and Photos
"Yukino Kisei? you look totally different outside of class." Yukino laughs, and walks towards me.  "im srry" he saids
and i look at him questiongly until...he knocks me out.  I wake up in a bed and he appears sitting in a chair.  I look
at him. "who are you" Yukino doesnt answer and stands up. Yukino finally answers "as you know my name is Yukino but...i
have kidnapped you for 1 reason. and that reason is to tell u r a demon. "What do u mean? im no demon. You've got the
wrong girl." I stare at him angrily "Lisa...thats not ur name neither is Milinda and Lina's. There also demons. Sayu's
also a demon but that is her real name. Ur a princess...Princess Mel" shows me a picture
Anime Girl Pictures, Images and
"that is what u used to look like before we decided to keep your identity secret so we gave you to a human family and
erased ur memorys from the past and gave you different memorys." Yukino explains to me and i stare at him in surprise. 
he changes my hairstyle and i get dressed into the outfit.  i look at him "What about the others" Yukino smiles.
"'ll see once we go to your real home. you will be leading a war." I stare at him in shock. "im only 16 i cant
lead a war"
me and Yukino go to a place and i see my friends.  Yukino says "these are your friends
Arisus aka Milinda age 17 demon age is 400 born December 7 1991
arisus when is was
little Pictures, Images and Photos
Princess Regina aka Lina
Princess Regina Pictures, Images and
demon goth Pictures,
Images and Photos"
i step back "u guys look so different"
they smile "lets get to battling"
TO BE CONTINUED.........................
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‹-I-Rape-pie-› says:   8 February 2009   521887  
Ya...It sucks. unproper grammar, and you think people will read it? =.=
‹yoruxran246› says :   8 February 2009   272656  
yeah i know
i stink at doing things like this

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