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Furry Role Play

OHTAY :D so, i want to start a furry roleplay. and animal human cross race is allowed. but i would appreciate it if there were no pure humans in this rp >.< this is al ylou have to do to become part of it Name: Age: Animal cross race: Sex: Image/picture of char.: Please join quick <3 i can create a club if i get enough people to join this Role Play :] Thank you~!! <3
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  ‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› — Page created: 8 December 2010
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‹EcoAßßy› says:   9 December 2010   138715  
Name: Princess
Age: 14
Animal cross race: human/rabbit
Sex: female
Image/picture of char.:Image and video hosting by
Foxblaze says:   9 December 2010   377180  
Name: Enysa
Age: 14
Animal cross race: Fox/human
Sex: Female
Image/picture of char: 
Foxblaze says:   9 December 2010   435316  
^^ hey Eco! XD I can't wait for this roleplay
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   9 December 2010   154940  
im glad people are starting  to join haha :D
if you guys could ask your friends or tell people about this that would be great too
firefly09 says:   9 December 2010   591694  
Name: Saria
Age: 7
Animal cross race: Dog/human
Sex: Female
Image/picture of char.: anime dog girl Pictures, Images and Photos
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   9 December 2010   815452  
thank you :]
Foxblaze says:   10 December 2010   542751  
awww! firefly's is so cute!
firefly09 says:   10 December 2010   555812  
‹Naff the Raff› says:   10 December 2010   859561  
i join!
Name:Nathan Castro
Animal cross race: cat/human
Image/picture of char.:

‹carry on my wayward son› says:   11 December 2010   364566  
Name: Kareth
Age: 18
Animal cross race: Crow/Human
Sex: Female
Image/picture of char:
Image and video hosting
by TinyPic
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   11 December 2010   315652  

alright :D
‹Naff the Raff› says:   12 December 2010   462632  
Foxblaze says:   16 December 2010   528646  
lol so far, we're all half human XD Oh hey, can I make like a second character, but
it'll be my first character's pet?
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   16 December 2010   167146  
Sure :]
Foxblaze says:   16 December 2010   514405  
Name: (Not sure what to name, help plz?) Deytaph, Tivrax, Zaluz, Arybez, Derfre,
what do you think?
Age: Unknown
Animal cross race: Fox/(eagle?)
Sex: Male
Image/picture of char:
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   16 December 2010   557037  
i find the name arybez quite attractive
and i do quite enjoy the look of this creature haha :]
Foxblaze says:   17 December 2010   572412  
^^ thanks. Ok, so now I'm trying to decide between Arybez and Deytaph. I actually
really like Deytaph, but Arybez sounds cool too. Any third parties wanting to break
the tie?
Foxblaze says:   17 December 2010   556816  
You know what screw it his name is Arybez
Foxblaze says:   17 December 2010   371858  
so when can we get started?
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   17 December 2010   355255  
i shall start the club soon ^w^
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   17 December 2010   687128  
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   17 December 2010   600243  
sexyvampire says :   5 February 2013   382900  
Name: Hana
Age: 14
Animal cross race: rabbit/human
Sex: female
Image/picture of char.:
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