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You know what really annoys me?


You say to someone who has brown skin a black joke, they automatically say that you are racist.

That is a stereotype.

If you are white, have blonde hair and walk around doing the goose step, and someone says that you are a nazi.

That is a stereotype, though it may be true.


If you are a polynesian/maori, there is a chance people will either think you are a thief or a criminal.

That is a stereotype, though it ALSO may be true.

This is what i think about the world. The world runs on stereotypes. No one says to a policeman "Hey, that black guy may
be innocent!" They may say "Give my stuff back you black prick!" or "Thief!" It's always the black guy.

No one says to the popular crowd "Hey, lets get those loser kids into our group!" They all do the same thing.



Shun the unpopulars!

And never do the 'unpopular' people say "Sure, shun us, whatever,"

They say "FUCK YOU! We don't need you!"

This blog is simply filled with stereotypes.

Another one is that emos/goths/bogans all like to cut themselves. Apparently it's to focus on the emotional trauma and
rejection of their lives. I've never had the urge to slice my skin apart with a knife/razor blade/broken bottle, so I
don't know the emotional trauma they themselves they apparently go through.

I myself think that it has to do with the music. The music is fucking depressing.

One stereotype that i like is when people say shit about Pacific Islanders, like all they do is eat KFC, island food,
play sport, get into bar fights and get drunk.

But that is not JUST Pacific Islanders.

Everyone likes to do that.

And when people get all defensive about something, like their height, weight, skin colour, things they like, addiction
to porn, that sort of thing, it makes me laugh.

Like, they act so defensive to something, it's like they're ashamed of it.

Though the porn thing could be something to be ashamed about...

And cliques, the biggest stereotype of ALL.


There are!

Jocks, Goths/Bogans/Emos, Badasses/Rebels, Populars, Nerds/Geeks, Assholes, and whoever are left are the losers, and
whoever are shunned by THEM are the assholes no one likes.

Why is there panic and anger at stereotypes? Who cares?

Other than me.

Also, please leave a comment.

It helps me gauge what one i'll do next.

So, yeah.
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  mrskullkid — Page created: 14 December 2008  |  Last modified: 16 December 2008
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‹Jamssy› asks:   15 December 2008   797411  
What is a stereotype :o
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   15 December 2008   211775  


‹DeliriousNightingale♥› says:   15 December 2008   131727  
Ah, so I am not the only person who rants. :D
‹I <3 kitties XD› says:   16 December 2008   342594  
It is interesting how extracurricular activities can change all of these, though.
For instance, a school band: a very diverse group, some emos, manga freaks, drama
nerds, debaters, cheerleaders/jocks, happy popular people, people who might be
considered unpopular, and,of course, the differing instruments played would appear to
divide, but actually keep the band together. If D's lock is on K's locker, nobody is
going to say that a black person did it, they will instead just relax and ask the
trombones where their lock is or whose lock it is on their locker.
‹I <3 kitties XD› says:   16 December 2008   385922  
Sorry, that was a rant in and of itself.
‹//xx♥insane_cookie♥xx//› says :   16 December 2008   222258  

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