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Merry Geassmas!?! frist fanfiction


Hey im lulu sama i got bored and 
been waitting2 upload a story on here
so chapeter 1 putting up the decreations oh the 

charecters are

lelouch vi britanna-9
nunnally li britanna-7
tia li britanna-12
Maliyah kururugi-12
Suzaku kururugi-9
Denaglo di brittania-15
Armani sakyto-17

enjoy!                        10:00

                a girl with brown cholate short hair and eyes as the color of midnight blue hair in to sperated
ponytails wrapped in 2 clear blue ribbons
 and next to her was a little girl wih brown hair as an chocolate icecream cone with her eyes closed having 2 long pony
tails tied in to red bows "what taking them so long 
Momo-chan?''the young girl started "didn't Onee-chan wake them up?"nunnalky finshied.(that memroy lost bastard tia she
still is my friend though)
maliyah thought."she propably forgot that idoit"she said she turend around to see an older women with long glossy black
hair shinnigas the sun rays hit her hair 
she was standing there waithing for an order "Princess Nunnaly Sinsiter Maliyah do u want me to wake them up?"she said
"See your in a good mood Armani or solider Satyko." maliyah teased as she saw the older female cross he arms "DO U WANT
she yelled at maliyah "NO I GOT IT THANK U VERY MUCH!!!!" she said screeaching back at the older to make her jump a lil
the angry 12 year old girl.She turend to the stairs swinging nunnalys ponytails along with her

Lelouch,Suzaku,!!!!! the young 12 year old girl scearmed for downstairs of the house.
"Get up and help me pick out the christmas deceration for the damn tree!!!" she yelled again.Lelouch got up 
his charcol midnight black bangs in his face when he woke up form underneath the 
big heavy blue cover and then threw onto the end of the twin side bed. he went to go bursh his teeth
when he was done suzaku was still sleep. out  of the blue Armani bust opened threw the door 
scaring lelouch making him drop his trotthbursh onto the floor.WAKE UP!!!!the crazy girl started she 
walked over to suzaku's bedshe pulled of his cover making him fall to the floor on the side of his cheek
"hmmmm...'suzaku mumbled "come on ar-sama give me 1 minute 3 hours top."the cholate taned boy said face now lying on the

"NO!!U ARE HELPING PRINCENESS NUNALLY  lady maliyah with christmas decr-"she was cut off by a sudden voice
"did u just say christmas."suzaku got up with a giagantic smile on his face."you are going to help
them with."she finshed.Suzaku grabbed lelouch's hand "come on  were gonna be late we'll get stuff
from downstairs"he said. lelouch blushed and said nothing as he lft out the room with suzaku in front
Suzaku stoped in his footsteps and causing lelouch to bump him in the back "o right i have to tell 
armani something" he finshed he turend around still holding lelouch's hand there he seen armani watching
T.V. "hey armani".suzaku said "what rodente" she scoffed You need to clean all of this mes-"suzaku was cut off by
a pillow with brute force hitting his face .they closed the door run down stairs and ran into 
maliyah and the cute innocent girl herself nunally then got there self dressed for the winterland 
out side.

It was the time of year suzaku has been waiting for.He lelouch nunally and maliyah 
were out shopping for christmas deceration.Maliyah was carring nunalyy on her back lelouch 
and maliyah were walking at the same pace while suzaku was running full speed ahead."C'mon guys!" he yelled turing
around to see 
maliyah nunnaly and lelouch"Hurry up and walk faster c'mon c'mon c'mon!!!he cried as his smime droped into a frown
"Dont rush me with nunnaly here it might take us longer than usally".maliyah replied back with a cold 
harsh voice."no offense nunnaly"she turned her head and looked back at the young browned head girl 
"hm...oh no not at all." since it's christmas im just happy im helping you pick out decreations"she said in a 
sweet voice.Lelouch just smiled and said nothing as he buried his mouth in his heavy blue they arrvied at the
store a 
boy with balck silky hair was behind the conter he smiled as he saw the kids "oh hi maliyah what do need"he asked
"hey D,"can u tell me were the christmas decreations are."she ended with a smile.

                                  *to be contiued*
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‹VaginaDust› writes:   11 December 2008   683797  
That was nice :D 

*Throws a pillow at you* :D
momoko101 says:   11 December 2008   379634  
thanks mayuki
*falls n ground*
Larksong says:   12 December 2008   932225  
It's a nice idea, but try something called Spellcheck.
momoko101 says :   12 December 2008   236364  
i know i spelled the words wrong but thanks for telling me anyway

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