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Dying EMOs

My name is Momiji...monica, and I am EMO! Do u have a problem with EMO's? Do u like EMO ppl? If u have a problem with EMO's then u should not be on this site! If u like EMO ppl then good for u and welcome to my wonderful site! I want to make myself die one day and hope that everybody finds out! Nobody will come to my funeral...... No one loves me..... I am hated in this world and that is how it should be... So u can have ur own oppinions but if they are about me then come out and say them already It is not like I will care that much! I do bite So watch ur step when entering my home... I am just kidding..... and EMO person cant ammuse herslef? I have some freinds but Iam hated by most of the world.... R u hated? If so then join my club and be just another person in the world that gets hated along the side of an EMO person! Did u enjoy the site If so then post a comment or just ask me to be ur friend.... And who knows I might just add u! Ok now I have a promblem when people call em a witch and if u have any suggestions on what i should do then post your suggestions in the comment box or pm me and we wil ltalk because there is this one guy in my school who calls me a wtich because of the way I dress and act......just because I wear a long sleeved shirt or a sweatshirt...and walk with my head down...and hold my arm....does not mean I am a witch just and EMo and I have problems ok and I proudly admit that! So does anyone have any suggestions? -Momiji
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  momiji — Page created: 23 January 2007  |  Last modified: 4 February 2007
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sessy_luver_girl says:   23 January 2007   455161  
no I think they funnah HAHAHAHAHA lol
Dark_Fox says:   23 January 2007   789497  
brokenhearts says:   23 January 2007   745391  
lol imma emo emos rock the world lol
momiji says:   27 January 2007   868112 think emo's are what way?

I am not htat funny......well my friends say it is funny when I 'emo cry'

I am still not funny

Dont say emo's are funny if you dont truely know it
sicosquierl says:   4 February 2007   428466  
well, some emo's are funny, my friend mat is pure emo, yet he is the funiest person
at are school(still trying to figure that one out.....)
sicosquierl says:   4 February 2007   545587  
oh, ya, emo's rock!!!!!
momiji says:   5 February 2007   747551  
thx I know they do.....I guess
‹XxXThe_RavenXxX› says:   9 May 2007   446354  
hey i had the same problem with being called a witch heres what not to do hold it in
and write down how to kill them and what youll need to do the job ...etc. other wise
youll end up like me in night school
‹XxXThe_RavenXxX› says:   9 May 2007   754266  
oh yeah 1 other thing

momiji says:   22 May 2007   699638  
yes they will emo's will rule the world!!
xXxEMOxXx says :   28 December 2007   441265  
Emo's Rule The World
People Just Deny It
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