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The Captured

(having to make a scary story for English class.this is what i have so far.)
Shadow smirked,watching his creations head towards the human world. "Well,this ought to be interesting."He chuckled,his
dark red eyes gleaming. "Dark,come here!"He called to the young boy of 16 years.
Dark walked up to him. "Yes,m'lord?"He asked,his dark blue hair covering his right eye that was missing.His grin showed
his shining fangs,and his dark green eye gleaming with pleasure that his master had called him.
"Go to the human world,keep one girl and one boy alive,any single one you want,but possess the boy,I got plans."Shadow
snickered,his dark sinister eyes staring at Dark. "Brother,be careful going there,the Guardians of The Portals have been
more wary than usual.They may know of our plan.If they show any sign of knowing,kill them."He smirked.
"Alright."Dark nodded,spreading his large ripped black wings.He flew straight up then forward towards something that
looked like a black hole.
Shadow looked towards the small army of his creations and grinned. "This time,I will not let the world slip out of my
hands......"He mumbled to himself,closing his eyes grinning. "Never.......again........."

In the Human Realm:
Rin woke up groggily.She yawned pushing her brown hair out of her eyes and hit the bed above hers. "Hey,bro!Get up,we
can't be late for school!"She yelled up to him yawning. 
"Okay!"Ryan yawned as he jumped down from the bed. "Hey,sis,I think you left your jacket in the bathroom again,you
know,the blue one with the white star on the back?"He smiled.
"Ryan!"Rin groaned. "You did it again?!?!?!How many times have I told you to stop putting my jacket in the toilet?!"She
scoffed.She ran into the bathroom,and frowned pulling her blue jacket out of the toilet. "Dang it!I'm going to have to
wash it again because of your stupidity!"She sighed.
Ryan laughed. "Oh,lighten up!Hey,where's Mom and Dad?Usually they come in our room to check on us about this time."Ryan
frowned deeply,obviously worried about their parents.Where could they have gone? He thought to himself.
"Maybe they had to go to work earlier than usual."Rin said simply trying to push him out of the bathroom. "Now get out
of here!I have to take my usual morning shower and I don't need a guy in the bathroom messing up my schedual!"She
shrieked,trying her best to push him out.
"Okay,sis!"Ryan laughed as he walked off into their room then sighed. "But still........they would've left a
note..................."He mumbled to himself,running a hand through his brown hair.He stared at the wall with his dark
grey eyes."Maybe they left a note in the kitchen."He smiled and went into the kitchen,but frowned seeing no notes,but
then he went wide eyed.He stared at a boy in the kitchen,raiding the fridge. "Get out of here!"He slapped the boy in the
back of the head.
Dark looked at Ryan and smirked. "You seem like the right one."He suddenly changed into a dark mist and dissolved into
Ryan's chest.
Ryan cried out in pain. "Get out of me!"He yelled,falling to his knees on the kitchen floor.
"Ryan?You okay?"Rin was suddenly right infront of him,seeming to not have known what happened to her brother.She was
wearing the school uniform:  a white short sleeve shirt and blue plaid short skirt with black doll-like shoes and
knee-high white socks.Her long waist-length brown hair in it's usual braid.She stared at him with greyish blue eyes.
"Y-Yeah,don't worry,Rin."Ryan coughed as he stood up,not wanting his sister to know what had just happened.He suddenly
blinked,his eyes flashing dark green then back to grey.
"Alright,well,the bathroom's all yours!I'll go ahead and fix breakfast."Rin smiled and went to the fridge. "What
happened to all our food?"She asked,not seeing anything except for pickles and cheese in the fridge. "I was going to
make scrambled eggs and bacon like Mom usually does..."She sighed and looked through the cabnets for the cereal.
Ryan came back with his hair combed and wearing a white dress shirt with a light blue tie,black jacket,black pants,and
black dress shoes.He blinked in surprise seeing Rin franticly searching for the cereal. "Here,let me help."He started
searching also.
Rin sighed. "Well,let's just eat some pickles and go to school.We can't be late like yesterday."She got her backpack
that looked like a panda and put it on.She ate a pickle and zoomed out the door.
Ryan sighed.He walked outside and went wide eyed,seeing all the buildings except for their house,was
destroyed."Woah...."He frowned.
Rin was just standing there,speechless."Ryan.....we have to find Mom and Dad......."She frowned.She wondered off,out of
the destroyed town.She didn't seem to notice Ryan following her. "Ryan,you see those mountains that way?We should go
there."She sighed. "It's so cold..."She pulled her jacket out of her back and unexpectedly handed it to Ryan. "Here,take
my jacket.You'll need it more."She said looking up at him.
Ryan blinked,and took off his own jacket and put it on Rin. "I won't let you freeze."He said softly as he put on her
Rin smiled softly. "Thanks,bro."She said,reaching over and grabbing his hand.Her hand was cold,as usual.She squeezed his
Ryan walked her to the mountain slowly,wanting to savor this very rare moment.He smiled to himself.Maybe this isn't such
a bad event,maybe it's just to bring us closer together...... He thought to himself as they entered a large cave in the
mountain.He sat down and leaned against the wall of the cave,letting go of Rin's hand.
Rin sat on the other side of the cave.She smiled slightly.She looked outside,and blinked noticing that it was
raining.She shrieked,feeling a hand on her shoulder and looked behind her seeing two bright red eyes and ran to Ryan
Ryan went wide eyed.He noticed a sword stuck in the wall of the cave next to him and yanked it out.He ran at the
creature and stabbed it before whatever it was could attack.
The creature made a loud shrieking sound in pain.The creature slowly seemed to dissolve into the shadows and become
Rin sank down to the ground,wide eyed. "R-Ryan........what was that?"She asked,obviously shaken and scared.
Ryan looked at Rin. "I don't know,but we need to get out of here.Look for weapons here and carry one with you,or
more,but we'll both need more than one incase we lose the other one."
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