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The Hidden Room

Lily approached the large mansion.She sighed,running a hand through her hair. "New home,new life,I guess....."She
mumbled sighing.She never liked being the new girl,always having to try to make new friends.She noticed her brother zoom
into the house. "Wow,he's excited..."She frowned. Why did mom and dad pick this place?And there's a perfectly good
highschool back at home....home....She thought to herself.She sighed.Her parents had moved the family to a new town just
because she has to go to the seventh grade when there was a highschool right across the street from their old house.She
walked in calmly,seeing that all the furniture and everything was already in there. "Wow,fast movers."She frowned
slightly.She walked upstairs,following her big brother. "Charlie,are you sure this moving thing is a good idea?"She
asked her brother,frowning deeply.
"Ofcourse!"Charlie grinned. "I think it's a amazing idea!"He ran into his room quickly,obviously happy to be out of the
small house and into a large one.
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  ‹Hypochondriac› — Page created: 28 September 2011
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iceicecat whispers:   28 September 2011   835178  
you know, seventh grade is in middle school.
‹Hypochondriac› says:   28 September 2011   258471  
at the school i go to,they call it highschool because of where it's located. 
iceicecat says:   29 September 2011   729669  

Oh, my apologies!  
‹Hypochondriac› says:   29 September 2011   578436  
it's pretty much because part of the middle school is in the highschool building,idk
why though. 
iceicecat says:   29 September 2011   758024  

Is it really old? Cause it might be an olden days model! XD 
‹Hypochondriac› says:   29 September 2011   493664  
it was built in 1972-1973,took two years to build it,they could've atleast spent more time on the halls o.o''
iceicecat says:   29 September 2011   288268  
haha  are they all cracked n icky?
‹Hypochondriac› says:   29 September 2011   480402  
nope,they're small 
iceicecat says:   29 September 2011   164058  
oh god, that muts be terrible for clausterphobic people! (or how ever u spell that
‹Hypochondriac› says:   29 September 2011   722261  
and there's over 150 7th and even more 8th graders 
iceicecat says:   29 September 2011   975619  
omg! 6th doesn't go there? 6th 7th and 8th are all in the same building for me.
‹Hypochondriac› says:   29 September 2011   621373  
6th is in the elementry school building,and 7th and 8th are in the highschool
iceicecat says:   29 September 2011   924620  
uuhhh lucky!
‹Hypochondriac› says:   29 September 2011   446705  
not really,it's right across the street,and the lunch room is in the elementry school
too so it's also right across the street,really bad when it's raining. 
iceicecat says:   29 September 2011   759814  
you have to leave to go eat lunch! 0_O
‹Hypochondriac› says:   29 September 2011   630452  
sorta,it's hard to explain,but i wish the highschool had it's own lunch room -_- and
i wish they'd let us make a float for the parade that isn't a shoebox........ 
iceicecat says:   29 September 2011   331189  
A SHOE BOX? :o Lucky u even get floats!
‹Hypochondriac› says:   29 September 2011   365140  
during homecoming o-o not a real float though,just like a model of one 
iceicecat says:   29 September 2011   934115  
urgg lucky-still!
‹Hypochondriac› says:   29 September 2011   541896  
o-o *pokes* 
iceicecat says:   29 September 2011   699470  
XD *stabs* :D am i doing gud?
‹Hypochondriac› says :   29 September 2011   360830  
:O *hides* 
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