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The Fight

The brittle bones of those who have fallen a long time ago broke under his heavy boots.
The man continued walking across the field of skeletons, his long red hair brushed neatly and tied back in a low
ponytail. The look in his eyes said it all; he was determined. With a wave of his hand, a portal opened up in front of
him. The light of the portal reflected in his pale blue eyes as a grin grew on his face. It was time. He wanted, no;
needed the Crystal. 
"A girl... A baby girl..." The woman laid there underneath the oak tree, holding a baby swaddled in cloth. She smiled
gently at the child, watching the baby girl play with the crystal on her necklace.
"We make beautiful children, don't we?" A man sat beside her, his auburn hair was short and a bit choppy, not brushed
and very messy.
"Indeed, we do!" The woman laughed, kissing her husband lovingly. Their celebratory mood suddenly changed to terror when
the red haired man appeared out of nowhere.
"Well, well, what do we have here?" He smirked, looking at the couple with the child. "A happy little family- how
"Prince Neil...! What are you here for?" The father took out a dagger, standing between the dark prince and his lover
who was holding their newborn child close to her chest.
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