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The Girl With Bunny Ears

Zeza ran around in her house. "Zoom zoom zoom!" She giggled loudly, her black bunny ears bouncing and her ankle length
black hair in a braid. She squealed as her big brother, Musa, picked her up. 
"Zeza, you're 16, start acting like it!" He scolded, as he gave her a rough noogie. He always did that to her,
Zeza growled. "Never!" She bit his hand, causing him to immidiately drop her. She giggled and skipped upstairs. She ran
her fingers along the walls. "Come out, come out, my little dollies~!" She sang softly, her voice sounding childish.
Once she got to her room, she sat down infront of a semi-circle of about fifty small dolls, each one looking different,
but there was something creepy about each one. She smiled cheerfully. "Well, tomorrow's my first say at a new school."
She giggled, looking around at all of them.
One of the dolls, one with short black hair and dark blue eyes stood up all of a sudden. She had on a black floral
kimono and a midnight blue flower in her hair. "Zeza, I believe you should be careful at this new school you are going
to. I can already see great trouble heading for you." 
Zeza faked a gasp of surprise. "There's trouble no matter where I go!" She pouted, picking up the doll and brushing her
hair with her fingers. "Leah, please don't be worried. I can handle myself, as you know!" She giggled, setting the doll
back down in her spot. 
Leah sighed. "As you wish. But what I say is true, how do you know you can handle this amount of trouble?"
Zeza pouted, puffing out her rosy cheeks childishly. "I can handle anything!" She grinned confidently.
Leah sighed, a sweat drop appearing above her head. "Your level of confidence still surprises me..."
One of the male dolls chuckled lightly. "She's always been like that. Besides, maybe you're wrong. Just because you were
a fortune teller when you were alive, doesn't mean you still have the abilities." He chuckled lightly.
Zeza grinned. "Somba's right, Leah! You just might be wrong, you'll see!" She jumped up on the bed and sat down,
The male doll she had called Somba sighed. "My name is not Somba, it is Charlie." He sat down back in his place.
Zeza pouted. "Somba sounds more interesting! But fine..." She sighed, grabbing her black sleeveless nightgown that had
small beads that looked like skulls lining the bottom of it. She skipped into the bathroom to change. As she came back
in, she let out a soft sigh. "I wonder where Zeke is now..."
Leah frowned deeply. "He said he'd come back, Zeza. Don't worry about him. He's a strong kid."
"Who's Zeke?" One of the dolls with long braided orange hair asked curiously, her green eyes shining.
Leah laughed softly. "Zeza's first love. They were best friends when they were little, until his dad pulled him out of
school to put him into-" She was interrupted by a sharp glare from Zeza. "Ah, never mind." Leah muttered nervously.
Zeza sighed laying on her bed. "Good night." She slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.
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Shirrichan says:   31 July 2012   774046  
Lol nice.
‹Hypochondriac› says:   31 July 2012   858536  
Thanks :3 *pokes chur bunny ears* 
‹Alicia Greene› says:   4 August 2012   502246  
r u gunna continue 
‹Hypochondriac› says :   4 August 2012   153224  
I have writer's block at the moment. Once it passes, I'll continue 

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