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100 Things to Do

One Hundred Things Idea from Paris who took it from Linda who probably took it from... Lols. Yeah, you get the point. XOXO bolded ; major want strike ; done italics ; was suggested to me You can Suggest some for me. I don't always know what to do XOXO 1. Go to Tokyo 2. Change someone's life. 3. Be an important part of someone's life. 4. Draw everyday 5. Finish a goddamn novel. 5. Draw better on mouse again. 6. Be healthy 7. Get a freaking exercise routine. 8. Travel to France 9. Get a job. 10. Model / Act 11. Be famous. 12. Have a relationship that lasts more than one year. 13. Be proud of how ghostly white I am. 14. Finish one of my no budget movies. 15. Love the attacks they throw at me 16. Make a popular video on Youtube. 17. Have a blog get fame. 18. Decorate my room the way I like it. 19. Clean someone elses house. 20. Run a 5k. 21. Buy everyone's Christmas gift with my own money. 22. Sell my Art. 23. Crash a party and have no one know. 24. Pass my Math Class 25. Do ballet. 26. Sing well. 27. KEEP A SECRET BETTER. 28. Smile more in pictures. 29. Meet Maria when we're both FAMOUS. 30. Stalk Hannah. 31. Stand up for myself ? (Do I really?) 32. Find someone who thinks like me. 33. Be... totally completely utterly... happy.
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xGabby_is_STELLARx4 says:   12 July 2008   111125  
Hannah has something like this :D
She did almost all the stuff on it .

Is this like for a lifetime of your age of 13 cause Amanda thats alota big shit for
one year 0.o
kalah says:   12 July 2008   794253  
mextreehugger says:   20 July 2008   156496  
A lifetime. :]
Kalah. It's not that hard to understand dearie.
‹JustWriteHerANightmare› says:   21 July 2008   292238  
HA HA I wanna crash a party without anyone knowing!
_abc_ cries:   31 July 2008   312678  
You left off "kiss jake again"
mextreehugger says:   31 July 2008   547539  
(: Again ?
Oroborus21 says:   31 July 2008   382466  
im going ot work on the help you sell your art part when i get a chance to
update/recreate the kupika store
‹HANNER› says:   16 August 2008   295659  
21. FUCK. You get to use other peoples money? Lucky ducky..
22. What's your address, I'll send you a cheque. 
27. I'll tell you a MAJOR secret, and it will be like, "WOAH!" Big, and then since
it's so huge, you'll be like, "Man, I better keep this secret."

mextreehugger says:   16 August 2008   991489  
21. Yeah. (this isn't meant to be stuck up ATALL.) I get some things I ask for, but
I do lots of chores, and don't get allowance. I'm wicked fruitful. x]


27. I'm so game. Tell me now or I'll die. :O
‹HANNER› says:   17 August 2008   693359  
21. Me neither. Fuck, I only get money from my grampa. No allowence, nothing. I've
probably told you how I'm suppose to buy all clothes/soap/shampoo (most things except
food) for myself, yes? I don't even know how I live. :D
27. I'll message it to you, when I think of one.
mextreehugger says:   17 August 2008   361697  
21. Poor Hannah. -pets-
27. Oh I'll be waiting. >D
‹HANNER› says:   24 August 2008   251672  
mextreehugger says:   24 August 2008   575244  
:] Yup you know it.
Dramatic says:   14 November 2008   132923  
29.- Meet Ciel when we bot get famous <3
mextreehugger says:   14 November 2008   492258  
Ha, totally. I'll meet ya on the red carpet!
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   14 November 2008   775251  
Maybe write a book?
‹Alexis<3› says:   15 November 2008   842886  
hahahhahahh! niceee(:
saralyn247 says :   22 February 2009   343339  
I need to do 32 also. :P

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