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Magic of the Ocean - people who like my storied should like this!!!

I'm Kokoro, or Ko-sama. It's finally June, and I'm on my first holiday of the year! I'm at some Japanese beach ... I
wouldn't know the name. I live in the centre of Japan so this is the first time I've seen the sea. I'd better get on
with the story, or you'll get bored, knowing me. 

I leant on the balcony door. "Wow! It's so big!" I squealed, pointing to the ocean. My dad smiled "It's the ocean, it's
going to be big." he teased, and left. I grabbed my blue bikini and headed for the door. I walked down the path at the
front of our hotel, and my feet sunk into the sand on the beach. I took off my shrug and settled my rug on the sand. I
lay back. "This is great!" I said out loud. I closed my eyes. A babble of shouts woke me. I glanced down the beach.
"Boat Trips?" I read, and I sat up. A huge crowd was swarming around a small boat. They were shoving money at someone on
the boat. I guessed it was his boat. Eventually the crowd managed to cram onto the boat. I watched, amused. The boat
tipped a little. "How is that tiny boat going to hold all those people?" I mumured, smiling. "It's not." said someone. I
jumped about six feet into the air. I turned around. A girl with brown hair was bending over me. "I'm Mokone." she
introduced, before plopping herself down beside me. We watched the boat move from side to side as the people crowded
over the sides. I laughed as a huge woman almost toppled off. Mokone looked at me. She held out her hand. "Here." she
offered. I took the object on her hand. It was a tiny stone. It was clear, almost transparent. "Ok ..." I said,
fastening the stone to the chain I wore around my neck. I suddenly was filled was a bad feeling ... just like the
feeling you get when you remember something that was sad, or upsetting. 

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I'm getting bored now.
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CONTINUE~~! Please?

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