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My new story (anime pics)

Mai and Sachiko peered over the basket. They were a young couple from Iiinhja. Iiinhja was like Earth - except humans
did not live there. It was inhabited by people, just like us just with cat features. Mai picked up the baby in the
basket. "Where are her ears?" she asked quietly. The basket had been found outside their home. "And her tail. I don't
know what she is, but she is not like us." said Sachiko. Sachiko took the baby. "What can we do?" questioned Mai. "Only
one thing." replied her boyfriend. "You don't mean ... No! You can't kill her. She is only a child." cried Mai. "Then
what else can we do?" Mai bit her lip. "I'll raise her." she burst out. "I-I'll make a set of cat ears from fur. And a
tail. Anything except for kill her." Mai said. Sachiko looked at the woman he loved. Her eyes made him smile. "Ok." he
said finally, and Mai hugged him happily. So Baby Katsua grew up. 

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Katsuya leapt over a tree, her tail getting caught in a branch. She stopped and quickly pinned in back on her skirt. Her
parents had never kept it from her. She had always known she was not from Iiinhja - unlike her best friend Izumi. Izumi
appeared to next to her. The girls were like yin and yan - completly opposite. Izumi was loud and girly, while Katsuya
quiet and tomboyish. Katsuya's hair was white, her cat ears black, while Izumi had ginger hair and matching ears. Izumi
leapt on Katsuya, making her jump. "Hey! Let's go to my house!" Izumi squealed, dragging Katsuya away. 
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They arrived at Izumi's. Her parents were away. Izumi was jabbering constantly, her mouth non-stop. Katsuya was silent.
She sensed something was going to happen. Izumi's flowed of chatter came abruptly to an end. "I can hear something." she
said cautiously, her ear flicking back and forth. This 'feeling' was something Katsuya could never feel ... but she felt
it now. Katsuya's eyes opened wide. Her pupil shrunk slightly, more like the cat-people's eyes. She blinked, and her
eyes returned to normal. "Watch out!" she cried, knocking Izumi to the floor seconds before a huge force knocked the
door back. A young boy was standing behind the empty door frame. "Katsuya Mirori? I am Kiaro Jokiaou. You are in
danger." he said quietly. 

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"Who are you? What did you do to the door!?" fumed Izumi. Kiaro ignored her and went over to Katsuya. He held up a
picture. It was of a smiling woman, holding a baby, and a man, half out of the frame. But non of them had cat ears.
"That is Hazumi Michiko, Michiru Michiko, and Kasumi Michiko. Your father, mother and baby sister." he said . 

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Katsuya took the picture. "By conicidence, your adoptive parents, Mai and Sachiko Haito, named you the same name your
original parents did. No-one knows how you got to Iiinhja." he said. Shocked, Katsuya looked up at him. He was quite
handsome, but he did not smile. Katsuya stood up. "Are you telling me ...................... I don't belong here?"
"Basically, yes. You weren't born here. You belong to another race. Your species doesn't exist on this planet." Kiaro
explained. Katsuya closed her eyes. Izumi was staring at them both in shock. "What's up with this guy, Kats?" she asked
haltingly. Katsuya sighed and removed her ears and tail. "Waaaaaaaaaah!" shreiked Izumi. Izumi almost fainted with
shock. In fact, she did. Kiaro caught her at looked at Katsuya. The sun had set, and Katsuya had wandered outside. A
tear ran down her cheek. Her dreams of becoming a normal girl ................. training to become an artist
............. were shredded. Everything she had believed in was a lie. Mai and Sachiko had told her she had been
abandoned by her real parents because an accident in childbirth had meant she was born with no ears or tail. That what
they had assumed, anyway. Katsuya fell to her knees. She was confused. What did she feel? Sadness, that she hadn't known
her parents? Anger 

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