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harry potter spells

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Name: Accio
Description: A summoning charm that sends any object directly to the spell-caster.
Can be used over long distances.

Name: Aguamenti
Description: This charm causes a stream of water to sprout from the end of the
spell-caster's wand.

Name: Alohomora
Description: With this spell the caster can open locked doors and windows.
Especially effective against doors locked with the colloportus spell.

Name: Anapneo
Description: A charm that eliminates any blockage within a person's airway allowing
them to breathe.

Name: Aparecium
Description: A revealing charm used to turn invisible ink visible again.

Name: Apparate
Description: Allows a witch or wizard to appear out of thin air at will.

Name: Avada Kedavra
Description: One of the Unforgivable Curses, this spell will kill a person
instantaneously as long as the spell-caster is sincere when casting it. It is known
as the Killing Curse.

Name: Avis
Description: A charm used to conjure a flock of birds

Name: Babbling Curse
Description: Causes the victim to speak incoherently.

Name: Banishing Charm
Description: This charm works the opposite of the summoning charm, causing an object
to be removed from the spell-caster's presence.

Name: Colloportus
Description: A charm to magically seal doors. This charm can be easily broken by

Name: Concealment Charm
Description: A charm used to conceal an object from the naked eye.

Name: Confundus Charm
Description: This charm is used to confuse the victim and make them easy to
influence by the spell-caster.

Name: Conjunctivitis Curse
Description: A charm aimed at the eyes, it causes pain to the victim as their
eyelids close and crust over rendering the victim blind.

Name: Cruciatus Curse
Description: One of the Unforgivable Curses. This spell causes severe pain within
the victim as long as the spell-caster is sincere when casting it. The effects of
the cruciatus curse are enough to drive a person to insanity.

Name: Cushioning Charm
Description: Used commonly on broomsticks to create an invisible, cushioned area for
the rider to sit upon.

Name: Deletrius
Description: This charm is used to disintegrate, or 'delete', an object.

Name: Densaugeo
Description: A charm that will cause the victim's teeth to grow in size.

Name: Diffindo
Description: A severing charm, used to split an object apart.

Name: Disapparate
Description: Allows a witch or wizard to disappear into thin air at will.

Name: Dissendium
Description: A spell that will reveal a secret passageway.

Name: Drought Charm
Description: This charm will dry up bodies of water when cast.

Name: Engorgio
Description: An engorgement charm. Useful in causing an object to grow in size.

Name: Ennervate
Description: A reviving charm that will return an individual to their normal state.

Name: Episkey
Description: A healing charm that works well on broken bones.

Name: Evanesco
Description: This vanishing charm makes objects disappear.

Name: Expecto Patronum
Description: The Patronus Charm is used as a defense against dementors. When used,
the spell-caster conjures a patronus that will ward off dementors.

Name: Expelliarumus
Description: A disarming charm that will cause its victim's wand to fly out of their

Name: Ferula
Description: This charm can produce bandages and slings for the wounded wizard.

Name: Fidelius Charm
Description: A powerful charm that conceals a secret. The secret is known only to
the Secret-Keeper and cannot be found out by anyone else unless told to by the

Name: Finite Incantatem
Description: This spell is used to eliminate the effects of any other spell cast.

Name: Flagrate
Description: A marking charm. With this charm, the spell-caster and use his wand to
draw fiery marks in the air.

Name: Flame Freezing Charm
Description: This charm was commonly used by witches being burned at the stake, it
allowed them to remain untouched by the fire.

Name: Furnunculus
Description: The victim of this charm will find themselves covered in boils.

Name: Homorphus Charm
Description: This charm will force a werewolf to return to its original human

Name: Hover Charm
Description: A charm used to levitate an object and float it in the direction of

Name: Immobulus
Description: A freezing charm used to stop an object from moving.

Name: Impedimenta
Description: This charm will slow down and obstruct attackers.

Name: Imperius Curse
Description: One of the Unforgivable Curses. The imperius curse gives the
spell-caster complete control over their victim.

Name: Imperturbable Charm
Description: With this charm a barrier is created that allows nothing to cross. This
includes people, objects and sounds.

Name: Impervious
Description: This is a water repelling charm that makes an object resistant to

Name: Incarcerous
Description: A charm used to bind the victim with ropes.

Name: Incendio
Description: A fire charm that can be used to ignite fires.

Name: Jelly-Legs Jinx
Description: With this charm the victim's legs will shake uncontrollably.

Name: Langlock
Description: A charm that renders the victim speechless by causing their tongue to
stick to the roof of their mouth.

Name: Levicorpus
Description: This charm will raise the victim up by its ankle and dangle them in mid

Name: Liberacorpus
Description: A counter-charm for levicorpus, this charm releases a person from being
suspended in mid air.

Name: Locomotor
Description: A motion charm that allows objects to be moved through the air.

Name: Locomotor Mortis
Description: This is the Leg-Locker Curse. The charm will cause the victim's legs to
lock together making them unable to walk.

Name: Lumos
Description: When spoken, this spell produces a light at the end of the
spell-caster's wand. Useful in illuminating dark places.

Name: Mobilarbus
Description: This spell makes immovable objects movable.

Name: Mobilicorpus
Description: A charm used to move individuals who can't walk, such as an unconscious
witch or wizard.

Name: Morsmordre
Description: A charm that conjures the Dark Mark. This is used only by Death Eaters
and is a signal to show where a death has occurred.

Name: Muffliato
Description: This charm will allow the spell-caster to speak without being heard by
filling the ears of others around them with a buzzing noise.

Name: Nox
Description: A charm to cancel out lumos. Removes the light from the spell-caster's

Name: Obliviate
Description: This is a memory charm useful in erasing, or modifying, a person's

Name: Orchideous
Description: A charm that causes flowers to bloom from the end of the spell-caster's

Name: Oppungo
Description: With this charm the spell-caster can command something to attack a
specific target.

Name: Peskipiksi Pesternomi
Description: A charm that supposedly gets rid of Cornish Pixies.

Name: Petrificus Totalus
Description: The petrifying charm. With this charm the victim is unable to move or
speak for a period of time.

Name: Point Me
Description: Allows the wand to act like a compass. When the wand is placed in the
spell-caster's hand, speaking the spell will cause the wand to point due north.

Name: Portus
Description: The charm used for turning an object into a portkey.

Name: Prior Incantato
Description: This is a charm that will reveal the last spell cast by a specific

Name: Protean Charm
Description: A charm that will cause multiple items to change even when the charm is
only cast on one item.

Name: Protego
Description: A shield charm that can be used to repel harmful charms.

Name: Quietus
Description: This charm will cancel the effects of sonorous, bringing a person's
voice back to its normal state.

Name: Reducio
Description: A shrinking charm causing any object to reduce it's size.

Name: Reducto
Description: This is the reductor curse, it will blast apart a solid object.

Name: Relashio
Description: A charm to produce a stream of sparks from the spell-caster's wand. If
cast underwater the spell causing boiling water to stream from the spell-caster's

Name: Rennervate
Description: A charm to revive an unconscious person.

Name: Reparo
Description: The repairing charm. Useful at restoring any object to its original

Name: Rictusempra
Description: A charm used to tickle a victim senseless.

Name: Riddikulus
Description: An effective charm to use while facing a boggart. This charm will cause
the boggart to turn into a creature or object that is the opposite of frightening.

Name: Scourgify
Description: A spell used to clean an object.

Name: Sectumsempra
Description: A charm for those you don't like, it causes the victim to develop deep
and painful cuts all over their body.

Name: Serpensortia
Description: This charm will produce a snake from the spell-caster's wand.

Name: Silencio
Description: The victim of this charm loses all ability to make sound of any kind.

Name: Sonorous
Description: When this charm is cast upon someone's throat, their voice will magnify
to carry over a large crowd.

Name: Specialis Revelio
Description: A revealing charm that will show anything hidden by magic.

Name: Stupefy
Description: This charm is useful in knocking a victim unconscious with a bolt of
red light.

Name: Tarantallegra
Description: A charm that will cause the victim's legs to dance rapidly.

Name: Tergeo
Description: Another cleaning charm, useful in cleaning blood.

Name: Unbreakable Charm
Description: A charm used on an object to make it unbreakable.

Name: Unbreakable Vow
Description: A spell to create a magical pact between two people. The vow is so
binding that if one person should break it, death will incur.

Name: Waddiwasi
Description: A charm that lets the spell-caster fly an object at high speed to
wherever they want it to go.

Name: Wingardium Leviosa
Description: This charm allows the spell-caster to levitate an object and navigate
it through the air.
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