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Pop Quiz

'What if I had never gone into remission?'

I open one eye.
Well that came right out of left field.

'What if you hadn't found the chip?'

Why does she always ask me difficult questions when 
my defenses are down?
I'm all warm and cosy underneath the bedclothes, my face is 
mashed into her breasts and I've just entered the sweet 
slide into afterglow.. and she wants to talk about her cancer?


'Mmm?' I snuggle deeper into her cleavage.

'Did you hear me?'

I let out a heavy sigh that bathes her skin with moisture. 
'I heard you. Don't want to talk about it'

Her voice becomes quieter. 'You never do, do you?'

Oh hell. 
I squeeze her hand. 'It's over. In the past. You're okay now' 
My face is buried so deeply into her flesh that I don't think she 
can hear me.

For a moment, all I am aware of is the thud of her heart and the 
occasional gurgle from her stomach. 
It lulls me back into semi-consciousness. 
Unfortunately not for long.

'Do you think you would have gotten another partner?'

I can't prevent the groan that escapes me. 'Stop, Scully'

'But I'm interested. Would you?'

I shake my head. The movement bounces her right breast 
against my cheek and it feels so good that I do it again, 
turning my head so that I can watch the nipple quivering.
My big nose forms a dent in the gentle swell.

She chatters on. 'They might have sent another woman to spy on you.
An intelligent blonde, or a tall brunette with great legs and 
several letters after her name.'

This time there's a hint of amusement in her voice as small hands
come to rest on the back of my head, sifting through my hair.

Oh yeah.. I love that Scully, keep going.. 'You're the only spy 
I want' I mumble, drawing her even closer.

She smacks me lightly across the shoulders. 'Romantic fool!' she
laughs, and I smile.

That nipple is too tempting. I want it.
Her chest rises suddenly at the first slow suck and her
fingertips begin a slow dance over the back of my ears.
My name leaves her mouth in a breathy whisper.
Oh yeah.. I know exactly how to keep her quiet.

'You might have been kicked back to the VCS'

Guess not.

I attack the other nipple and feel my body priming itself.
It's amazing how quickly I can re-load these days.

'Or Spender might have given you another Krycek to
work with..'

Why is she doing this? What's the point of this discussion?

'Mulder? Are you listening to me?'

'I'm trying not to.' I reply, around a mouthful of flesh.

She lifts her head from the pillow and yanks on my hair until
our faces are inches apart. 'What?'

'Why all the questions Scully?''

Judging by the little furrow in her brow I realize that she's
not going to let this drop. Her eyes search my face for answers. 
Scully often gets emotional in bed, and that's something I 
ought to keep in mind if I don't want to end up spending the night
in William's room. 

I touch my nose to hers in an eskimo kiss. 'If you hadn't come 
back to me.. I would have quit'

Her eyebrows rise, one slightly faster than the other.
'Quit the Bureau?'


The eyebrows descend slowly and she smiles. The fingers that
have been gripping my hair slacken and her full lips zoom in
on mine. My tongue rolls across hers for a few seconds. 
God she tastes good.


'Is this your last question?' I lift the sheet and point to my erection,
'..because Bob is half way to nirvana and he's getting a little anxious.'

Her laughter rocks both the bed and her breasts and I can't help but
bury my face in them again, pressing wet kisses into the right one,
which happens to be my favorite. 
When the mattress stops bouncing we both glance over at the door 
simultaneously, hoping that we haven't disturbed our son.

'Last question then..' she murmurs, taking my face in her hands.
'How did you relate to me back then? When I was sick, did you still 
love me as a very close friend? Or was it more than that?'

I reach for the sheet and pull it right over us until we are shrouded
in shadow and the only color I can see is the blue grey tint in her eyes.

'Scully I have always loved you.. the one and only way I know how.'

'Which is?'


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