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I'm sorry

For myself, and those for which I am apologizing to:
any Kneyer
Codi (er)
Satellite ♥
My brother on the mountain
The girl I didn't meet
Lil' watch guy
Coconut head
Steve Marj

If what I say applies to you in one line, then it applies to you, and  was thinking of you when I wrote it, even if your
name isn't above. Well... here it is. "I'm sorry", written today around one o clock in the morning-2:30 in the morning.

"I apologize
For whatever lies
Made me despised
In your eyes

Please hear me
Didn't want anyone to fear me
That was dear to me
For my years, I'm sorry

I'm sorry for my rein
I'm sorry for the pain
I'm sorry I'm not so sane
I'm sorry for what it gains

But, I don't regret love
I don't regret laughter
I don't regret the time
I won't forget who was mine

I'm in pain
But if what I gain
Is your forgiveness
I'll have no regrests on this

Please forgive me
For not being witty
For jumping too quickly
For being perky

I'm sorry religions aren't tolerant 
I'm sorry hearts aren't unchanging
I'm sorry I'm not all-knowing
I'm sorry I was ever a teen

I don't regret the high-fives-and-misses
I don't regret the kisses
I don't regret the truth
I don't regret missing you

I'm sorry I'm no best friend
I'm sorry I'm no girlfriend
I'm sorry I can't say "I love you"
I'm sorry I didn't trust you

I don't regret the rain
I won't regret the pain
I don't regret the train
I won't regret your fame

I'm sorry I'm your sister
I'm sorry about the 'mister'
I'm sorry about Harvard
I'm sorry about Ford

I don't regret the back flips
I don't regret the small tips
I don't regret the happy bits
I do regret it being like this

But if it wasn't, who would read this?
I'm sorry all over again

Forgive me for the bad times spent
Forgive me for the rude comment
Forgive me for the distance
Forgive me when I shouldn't resist

I'm sorry you couldn't read
I'm sorry I didn't keep you up to speed
I'm sorry I made scars
I'm sorry I went too far

But I don't regret my cause
I don't regret my side
I don't regret my fruit
I don't regret the looks

I'm sorry we didn't agree
I'm sorry I'm so weak
I'm sorry I didn't treat you well
I'm sorry every time I tell

I can't regret asking
I can't regret laughing
I can't regret trying
I can't regret dying

To be born anew

I'm sorry we almost died
I'm sorry I'm not at your side
I'm sorry about what the tree revealed
I'm sorry I asked you again

I don't regret saving lives
I don't regret taking knives
I don't regret Knowing
I don't regret believing

Forgive me for the square
Forgive me for the dare
Forgive me for the lying
Forgive me for not trying

I'm sorry for what I never said
I'm sorry for what you may regret
I'm sorry I didn't listen to you
I'm sorry I had to come to you

But... can't regret the Gatorade
Can't regret the pink Lemonade
Can't regret how my thoughts were made
Can't regret drawing mermaids

Forgive me for the pictures
Forgive me for conjectures
Forgive me for not agreeing
Forgive me for not seeing

I'm sorry for being loud
I'm sorry I didn't speak up
I'm sorry for all the words
I'm sorry for useless swords

And please...
Know the new you
Have no regrets
A good person changes everyday
Can you know the new me?"
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  lunasan — Page created: 23 July 2010
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Kirti says:   24 July 2010   357497  
We're teenagers, for all Lifes' Sake! Doing things we regret is just how we roll.
lunasan says :   24 July 2010   525638  
Try telling that to Kjell. I quote, "You have nothing to be sorry for!" 

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