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poem: liar

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It’s not like it was yours to take
It was not like it was your choice to make
There is no way it only affected you
It was the rest of us too
You said that in all there was the gift of the dove
And I believed you when you told of the gift of love
But love is not enough
To keep someone alive
Than why is it that everyone says that love is all there is
And when you have enough that’s the best thing that there is
And yet though I loved you
And so many loved you too
It was still not enough to keep you here
You have joined all the angels
Gone six feet under
Failed to survive
No longer alive
Fucking dead
You died
You lied
You said
You’d live
You’d marry
You’d father
You’d stay
You were
All I had
You are
Source of all my grieving now
You will be
Rotting me away inside
Cause you couldn’t hide
You said
You’d stay
You’d learn
You’d try
But all you did was lie
You didn’t see me after she was born
Didn’t speak before she went to school
Didn’t feel until
You died
You lied
You said
You’d stay
You had
Her and me
You were
So important
You who were loved
You who were taken in
You who held me in your arms
You who I thought I fucking knew
What happened to you

	Was life
	is now death
	was love
	is now grief
	was warmth
but now your fucking cold
you never were old
never saw them live
 never let me give
 all that I could give
never felt
an anniversary
never dealt
more than that
who had
that some can never have
it all was a blessing
but it must have been a curse
otherwise you would be with me
living out loud
not staring down at me
from that gray fucking cloud
you died
you lied
you said
you’d stay
you’d stay
with me forever
staring at me from that
fucking cloud
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