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in response to de question: why can't i ever reach the end of the tunnel?

the question was posted on an 'aki about three days ago.
you can't reach it because you already passed it. slow down. examine your life. see what it is that is positive, what
keeps others happy for one thing.
sometimes, it is that the light is right there already, and you just don't see it. maybe it's a person you have known so
long you forgot about it, or some inner quality in yourself that you should release. is like a ribbon. simple,
really. but there are knots to be ubtangled, frayed ends and even holes that sometimes you can't completely repair.
sometimes, one good dash of color is enough to make the rest of it seem insignificant. to make the whole look pretty
blue ribbon, like the sky. red ribbon, like the rose. it doesn't matter what type of color you put in-sometimes just
meeting a new, happy person can seemingly turn you around. it's just like that.
i see the light as a good or at least better environment. some think of it as god, some love.
and when your life, you feel, is together again, than take what i say to heart. poeple say "get your life together," i
say "get your life together, and identify the pieces so you can find them when your life falls apart again."
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