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how friends are made :D

my most recent friend was made... by hitting him in the face. we met between friends circles 6 days before school out, he poked me when i wasn't paying attention and i unthinkingly struck him (reflexes) i said sorry yodda yodda yodda he signed my yearbook and we exchanged numbers then there is the awesome person who just started writing me on kupika after i asked him something on his profile those things are just aewersome last year someone honestly thought "hey there is that one redhead who hangs out with that goth chic" and now we're best buds don't forget- i made two friends when like ten people wernn't going to the dance one friday in science, i mentioned magic and then BOOM were friends. we didn't get to be good friends til later, but still. one friend i made: i said to name me, and they asked if i should be a pokemon, so now i am a pokemon. maybe i'll tewll you what they nemed me later i went to a family thing for the fourth, and one person was just liiike.. can i see your bag of magic? so i showed them my satchel and there you go, known him all of two days and he gives me his contacts.
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  lunasan — Page created: 27 June 2009  |  Last modified: 6 August 2009
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‹ERASED› says:   27 June 2009   434285  
How we met was more random. xD
lunasan says:   27 June 2009   872519  
lol i have to put that in somehow ;d ( i can never reach my nose...)
LastingHeartBeat says:   27 June 2009   146269  
i met my best friend in 1st grade. she was new, and in class we had alot of fun, and
we liked to pretend we still take naps. well our teacher said, "ok class nap time!"
and she got up and went to lay down for nap time! everyone laughed but i didnt i just
said we were joking and we sat next to each other at lunch now we r still best
friends even though i moved.
the end.
lunasan says:   27 June 2009   522397  
wow. nice. dot dot dot.
Drago says:   6 August 2009   821756 did we meet? lol
lunasan says:   6 August 2009   566154  
on post lol
Larksong says:   7 August 2009   594983  
I once met a friend when I commented on a picture she drew, and then she replied on
my profile and we found out that we lived 'close' (Only about a couple thousand miles
xD) to each other. Why she replied? So we could exchange nicknames for an anime
character! Lulz.
lunasan says:   7 August 2009   643984  
huh! lol!

he he, i might add that on here xD
TwistedxMind says:   7 August 2009   369272  
I met my best friend, liz, in kinderkarden, then in second grade we became enemies
cause of this other girl, cassie was her name, we hung out with was really nice and
we both wanted to be best friends with her, we were young and thought that there
should only be one friend. But through 2rd, 3th, and 4th grade we were enemies and
fighting, then in 5th grade cassie started being mean and bitchy, so I stoped being
her friend, but liz didn't. So in 6th grade cassie was still all mean and liz was to
shy to stop hanging out with her and if she did who would she hang with, so at the
end of the year cassie got some new friends and one day at lunch cassie's table was
full so liz couldn't sit with them and i took her over to my table. Well the friends
i had were all controling and very boring so in 7th grade me and liz decided to stop
being friends with them and started our on group, a group that anyone can join and
leave as they please. We have emos, preps, preverts, and some jocks..(: Its funny
when ppl stare at us in public lol. But anyway me and liz became best friends in 7th
grade also and now were still best friends and going into freshmen year(:

i just wanted to share my best friend meeting moment also. So I incourage ppl too
stop judging cause you never know who will become your best friend or enemy. ^-^
lunasan says :   7 August 2009   474691  
I know what you mean! thanks for commenting, and i love this story of friendship! if
i get too many comments on here, i'll put it on the page so people will HAVE to read
it! :D

about the mixed group? we have that too. we have the person who dresses in black,
white and blood, (sort of emo goth), someone who is very 'give me a hug!' and it's
jeans and areo a lot, (preppy, i guess), i think you meant perverts..? we just have,
cough, 'twisted minds'  we don't really have jocks. more, we have band and ex-band
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