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24 F Canada
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 HoMOFObia--You have it, you're in it.
Lunasoldio C. Aumento, candela accesa fuori bianco... per il bene di chi? Chi...
Another Day Another Nightmare
Wazap? I'm Lunara. I'm totally in love. I'm of many different backgrounds. Did you miss the love part? 'Cause I'm in love with life, like y'all shoudl be, too. If I hang around Scots for an hour, I get a Scottish accent, and you can insert just about any other group into there and it'll still be true. Though here's the thing- I've never liked Spanish. I've never had a Spanish accent, never really got hte hang of it, never liked the SOUND of it. However, there is nothing wrong with Spain, Mexico, or their people. I must say, I really admire them at times :3 OJOS DE DIOS, FTW. One thing I'm for? RAINBOWS. There has never been osmeone who was obviously not a heterosexual who I did not get along with. Kinda weird, but oh well. I am TWO SPIRIT. Get over it, please. I have a lot of names, by the way, so I hope you learn at least one of them correctly! I have Japanese and English and one French name, however as to how I got them.... I have very few ideas on that one. Who am I? I'm still finding out, of course.
I am? I am daylight strained from across the world to the moon and back again I am the incarnation of me, reincarnation of no one, and preincarnation of inperfection. I am the savior of the little things. I am giving you. I give? I give you independence. I give you faith. I give you hope. I give you love. I give you laughter. I give you friendship. I give you life. Life? Life is a book to be written, and shared, and written again. It should be put into more words than I can fit from my head to a paper to this screen. It is the chapters of a book, nay, the flowers in bloom falling from their stems or flowering intosomething beautiful, or staying concise buds.... as need be, to keep the balance. Life. Favorites... Colour: Sapphire blue Animal: felines and some birds Activity: Scaring people or being mysterious... Author: Too many Clothing: Black and white contrasing! usually ends up being stripes, 'cause they don't like mah style... Movie: Pretty Woman Book: Green Angel Opera: The Phantom Of Song: Masquerade tata!♫ 333-2-6-444-555-999: 3-666-66-8 8-777-999 + 44-33-555-7 9-444-8-44 7777-88-9999-444 666-777 7-7777-999. 8-44-2-66-55-7777
I pledge myself to grace and poise, To help save all from girls to boys, To speak up whether standing or whispering, And face down all manner of bullying.


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8 Aug 11 do you swear? "Oh my God/s!" Doesn't work anymore, neither does "Go to Hell!" or "Spawn of...
12 Aug 10
Though I guess this isn't directed at cute guys.


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‹Music is my weapon<3› 27 Aug 11  
Huh... good question... Maybe because sub-consciously I want to be an
astronaut? O.o OR cause I've been watching alot of alien movies lately, which...
Kinda(?) has to do with rockets.
‹Music is my weapon<3› 26 Aug 11  
It sounded fancy in my head...):
lunasan 26 Aug 11  
‹Music is my weapon<3› 25 Aug 11  
Hmmm, after re-reading that, I sounded like Doug from up... Bweh. It should be
opposite, but I get hyper out of my mind when Im tired... mmn. Well, we ought to
pick up a conversation one of these days. (: Talk to you whenever.
Love and Rockets,
lunasan 26 Aug 11  
Love and... rockets??
‹Music is my weapon<3› 25 Aug 11  
So I decided, you're my hero :D Well, something like that. Somethin... less
sappy. Less dramatic. BUT YEAH. You get the point right? Good. Cause I dont like
to repeat myself, although since you are my "hero" er whatnot, I'd repeat myself
if you truly didnt get it. But I think you do. And if you dont, well, just
Listen to it. Listen to it. Listen to it. Listen to it.
 This actually makes sense. Like
legit. Huh. I was just kidding too... Well not really, but you know what I mean
right? Im really tired.... Did you know I get hyper when I'm tired.... Betcha
didnt. Phew. Well, I'll stop babbling now, GOODNIGHT AND FAREWELL. Hope you....
smiled at my long story of... stuff(:
lunasan 25 Aug 11  
I think you need to sleep, D xD
Kirti 6 Feb 11  
Hey, you're online! And I'm online! Party!!
lunasan 6 Feb 11  
BYUT IT SAID YOU-- god, this is so confusing. Get on FB, little Braticus >.>
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