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lets learn japanese!

personally im seriously fascinated with languages.
if you really take a couple minutes to think about it, its truly amazing.
i mean, we can comprehend something so easily and to other launguage speaking people its merely jibberish!
we can even write it down in series of squiggles and lines without even having to really think about it.
so thats why im taking on new languages!
im learning spanish in school and slowly learning japanese on my own.
so if you feel the same way heres some words we can memorize together!

tenshi- angel
akuma- devil
ichigo- strawberry
honto- really
daijoubou-- are you ok?
momoko- peach
hinagiku- daisy
yuri- lily
usagi- rabbit
tsuki- moon
mizu- water
hi/ka- fire
moku/ki- tree
ai- love
mi/bi- beautiful
chibi- little/mini
hotaru- firefly
chi- earth/ground
chikyuu- earth
tsukikage- moonlight
kawaii- cute
taiyou- sun
kage- shadow/light | depending on how its used. for example tsuki means moon as you learned earlier on. and tsukikage
means moonlight as opposed to moonshadow.

those are just some words you can know ^__^
heres a gramatical chart on what the words like "kun" "sama" etc. literally mean.

when you put an ending on a name like "sama" it has a meaning. as in the level of respect you have for that person or
authority they have.

levels                suffix                example

most polite        -sama               used to the ones you worship or look up to. sailor moon called tuxedo mask
kamen-sama to show her love and respect for him.

proffesionals     -sensei              used for teachers, doctors or anyone who is a expert in their category.

common            -san                   this is used for everyone.

seniorstudents -senpai               if you've watched wedding peach you probably noticed they called yaganiba
yaganiba-senpai which litterally means they are older than you but still may be a close friend.

less formal        -kun                   this is mostly used for males but basically you use it for friends, or people
that are younger or lower than you.

least formal      -chan                  this is used for people that are closest to you. including best friends,
relatives or even pets babies or little children.

least formal      -ko                      more of a feminine ending than chan and used for pets, babies, children,

do you allways have to use a suffix?
no. you dont ^__^
Not using any suffix indicates a close relationship which could include immediate family, childhood friends, or adult
Sensei and Senpai can be used by themselves or as a suffix added to someone's name.
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  loxx — Page created: 10 November 2007  |  Last modified: 11 November 2007
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Ciel_Kitty says:   10 November 2007   823971  
cool. I would love to learn japanesse ^___^
i freaking love their culture :3 ♥
Rena9000 says:   10 November 2007   197815  
me 2! There asome!
PeachPearlPudding says:   10 November 2007   432887  
Me, three! I'm a Japanophile. In my school me and some of my classmates are in a
club called "Kudamono Club". Kudamono is fruits in Japanese.
loxx says:   10 November 2007   376827  
well ill be sure to add kudamono to this list then! and i love their culture too
^___^ so simplistic and their so imaginative too.
hayao miyazaki is my hero. ^____^
PeachPearlPudding says:   10 November 2007   426617  
Very informative, so I rate this page a 10!
loxx says:   11 November 2007   459498  
thanks much!
loxx says:   11 November 2007   617322  
when you guys are ready for a second edition to this or a "lesson 2" please let me
i've gotten a decent amount of hits on this page and its only been around for about
12 hours!
so just leave a comment saying something to the effect of "i know most of this and
memorized everything i didn't know but i'd like to learn more. will you post another
i'd be happy to.
its great to know people besides me want to learn a language and doing it together is
even better.
mabye ill even post quizzes for you guys so you can test what you've learned and see
what you need to go back over!
contact me if you have anything further to add.
xExotic says:   19 November 2007   522518  
Yuri means lesbian hentai.
loxx says:   19 November 2007   629378  
o rly? well i read it meant lily ^_^'' mabye im wrong though.
girl101 says:   21 November 2007   739132  
coooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll  GIRL or boy
loxx says:   22 November 2007   586579  
im a girl and thanks.
X_xx_SugarHunnyIceTea_xx_X says:   26 November 2007   796174  
Konnichi wa!
manduhh says:   9 December 2007   658719  
:] Japanese culture is absolutely amazing.

 Have you ever heard of the Harajuku Bridge? I heard every Friday high school girls
go and cosplay there. :D Sounds uber.
loxx says:   9 December 2007   941487  
tat does sound uber.
suber uber to be specific.
i lveeeee there culture.
Kass222 says:   5 January 2008   833547  
can i join toplease?
loxx says :   5 January 2008   518884  
sure go ahead.
its not a club or anything you just kindof use it independently.
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