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poem contest

This is a contest  for poems i will give the winner 1-3 kupi points
                                     sign up now  and will be clasified by gender-female or male?!

                                 title of poem              age                gender
1.                        up and down                    11                    female                                   
2.               the white wolf of the past          12                   female
3.                                real family                 13                   female
4                       that boy                              12                    female
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  lovely_may_001 — Page created: 3 July 2007  |  Last modified: 25 August 2007
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spikerfor says:   3 July 2007   313155  
When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
                         When the road you're on seems all uphill,
                    When the funds are low and the debts are high,
                     And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
                         When care is pressing you down a bit,
                             Rest, if you must, but do not quit. 
Age 11
Title:up and down
Youko says:   3 July 2007   594132  
The moon as white as the snow. I'm the protector of the flow. My ears hear a howl
while my nose smells something fowl. I'm the spirt but if you try to hear it, you
might fear it. I'm not what you see but maybe I could be. Ihowl at the moon in a sad
little tune of when the dark ages of when there were no pages or pen or infact even
men. I was there so long ago when my dark fur turned to snow.

age 12
Gender female
Title : The white wolf of the past
lovely_may_001 says:   3 July 2007   823131  
ok good ladies we have to let the rest fill up !!
Kai_13 says:   14 August 2007   842934  
Life makes people think the world is unfair and people have an advantage,
The greatest advantage, the advantage of having real parents.
I'm not saying to feel sorry for me, I'm just telling the truth,
Being an orphan is the saddest thing to be, next to not having a life,
Next to not having a real family.
Having the parents that made you, that God created to give to you,
Is wonderful at times, but can sometimes be punishable.
A real family is the family that counts,
A real family are made of people who love you for what you are, you.
So if you ever say you hate your parents, don't want them, want to get rid of them,
Then just remember one thing, the most important thing,
They're the ones who love you most no matter what happens, or anything.

     Age: 13
Gender: Female
     Title: Real Family

I think it's a bit too long Ma'am. Sorry if I am taking up your time. Uh, Ma'am?
Is this thing still going on?
Pein_Sets_Off_Metal_Detectors says:   25 August 2007   523155  
Omg There all so Pretty It makes me want to SIng~
‹Jamssy› says:   25 August 2007   735447  
i wanna join
‹Jamssy› says :   25 August 2007   657334  
I met this boy in third grade
Which I met him in the parade

He soon talk to me
But I won't agree

He was very poor looking
But on the inside he was charming

Then I decided to give him a chance
He said yes then he bought me to a dance

His name was Simple Simon
He is as sweet as a lemon

Suddenly out came my ex boyfriend
I told him this was the end

He taught I was joking
But I just ignore him and keep dancing

He was furious and do somethind nasty
I didn't care and ate something tasty

Midnight is almost over
Simon blew me a kiss and gave me a clover

I kiss him back and told him we shall met tomorrow
He was afraid that my ex boyfriend taught he was sorrow

I didn't care about that
If he tries to bother us again I will be the one who gave him the

In the end he gave me a diamond ring
It shine like the moon that made me blink

We agree to wed on Saturday
But his parents said the best day is Sunday

When I woke up I saw my beautiful wedding gown
Then Simon came in and blew me a kiss and said we will be wed during
sun down

In the church I saw my ex boyfriend Dying
I wave goodbye and said I was marrying

A tear flew down on his cheek 
He ran away to the smallest peek

And that was my story
When it grows on the fence like the mornng glory.

name: jamie
gender: female

title: that boy.
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