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News For Kupika

Hello! This is Fechcas with the news for today on kupika. But before i start i must say that this is the tv news im
going to make a newspaper too! So keep your eyes out. First I should tell u what this is all about. See i want to be a
News Reporter when i grow up or a newspaper writer. Here i will have jobs for The News. But we will get back to the jobs
in a bit. First things first, The news. I will post new news every chance i get.So we will update almost everyday. If u
want a job please come to me.or write it here. i would love your comments and we are the first news station for kupika
ever!!  If you have anything you want me to say on this channel plz..write to me with your ideas..or if your fond with
roleplaying (i no i am), you could write to me saying, lets say you want babysit for someone i will talk about it on the
news here. I randomly post new ppl on kupika here and talk about new kupipages and the best diarys there are.So if u
have anything...please write to me. Now here are the jobs and people with jobs listed below:

New's Reporters:



fechcas- (i need and assistant)



idea men:

Weather people:

and if u can think of anymore please tell me.
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  lovefire4u2 — Page created: 23 January 2007
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lovefire4u2 says:   23 January 2007   525169  
Hello! This is Fechcas with the news for today! We are going to start off with new
people for today.Our new members are waiting for your letters!
shopaholic71 13 F I love pink, Princesses and any other pretty girly stuff   I have
blonde hair nd greeny...
hersheyfashion 13 F Hey everyone,   I am really 12 not 13 but nearly. My bestest
freindy's are danni...
tigeress 17 F I am roanne i am 16 and from uk staffordshire. i love tigers and i am
single n lvin it. I...
come_to_the_darkside_we_have_sexy_men 15 F im 14 im female i luv to sing nd im in a
band called the open door   i have short...
gabby3pi 16 F my name is danielle i'm 16   i luv 2 skateboard   my hobbies are
drawing and singing(my.....

 Well they seem like some very nice people. Im sure they'll be great and make lots of
friends.Now to the hot games news. Theres a new great website called , , and .

On gaiaonline you can create and customize your character, its very easy to get money
on, decorate your home , decorate your profile, talk to people, play online games ,
and much more! On myspace you can create your profile and decorate it and add stuff
to it. I know i will! You can also talk to people and leave comments on people's
profiles! Very fun! On Msn you can create an account download the messeneger and
instantly talk to people! There's tons of different versons of it but the most
popular is the Live Messenger! There you have it the hottest games of the week!

    Kupika has just upgraded the site if you haven't noticed! now the mailing system
is better than ever! You should get your mail in less than a minute! yay!

Well There you have it! The news for today!
This is Fechcas and thank you for reading!
X0Sophie0x says:   15 May 2007   127958  
Heyy ill do somehting if u wannt ;]
icesk8er4ever says :   1 September 2008   962941  
hey i have a new roleplaying can put that on the news a new
event thingy....heres the add..........

Doe's anybody wan't to join a roleplaying club Go here for more information in you arn't new to roleplaying and are experianced (you may be rejected) This is the club page: Go here for more information if you are new to roleplaying or arn't that good (ANYONE can join) here is the club page:
HURRY HURRY JOIN NOW!!! and tell others about the new roleplaying clubs in town!!!

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