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What love story are you? - Girls only - Beautiful Pics! -

The wind blew softly through your hair. The trees were in full bloom with roses and flowers, the petals seemed to float in the air. You looked around, thinking. It was another day where you thought of him. One of the sweetest, most thoughtful and caring guys you've ever met. You've loved him from the start and he loved you back. It seemed loke your time together would never end, until he left. So sudden and so unexpectantly, he never said why or even if he would return. But you knew him, and knew that someday, he would return.One full year and you've never stopped hopeing."I knew I would find you here." You heard behind you, and felt arms wrap around you. You reconized the voice immediatly, and almost gasped outloud. Your heart jumped.You almost felt like you would faint, and fall to the ground, but he held you in his arms, and his lips met yours.Thanks for taking my quiz, I hope you liked it, and I would appricate it if you took a look at my other quizzes!
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Which element fairy are you? - Girls only - Beautiful Pics! -

FirePeaceful and unique.
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What type of warrior are you? - Girls Only - Pics + Descripstion -

You are a Mystic Ghost WarriorLike your name says, you are like a ghost, wandering the streets, making sure the world is at peace. You are made of good, but you can be evil if someone understimates you. Some say you have a touch of magic within you, but it's only the soft gentle touch you give to them to brighten up their day.
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  love_swimming_girl — Page created: 2 October 2007
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‹<_JuRrDuUhHn_>› says:   2 October 2007   361611  
WOAH. awesome!
azngrlxanime says:   2 October 2007   788525  
wow almost the same results as me 
love_swimming_girl says:   3 October 2007   473152  
lol yeas
love_swimming_girl says:   3 October 2007   522593  
thank u InuYahsa =)
kyohei_EmO shouts:   3 October 2007   823126  
i hav many5x anime pics.........
teach me haw to do this..............!!!!!!!!!
love_swimming_girl says:   3 October 2007   783654  
huh? wht do u mean how to do this?
Color_Me_Dark says:   4 October 2007   195663  
J! How do you attach the link to you profile?
love_swimming_girl says:   4 October 2007   169996  
wht link?
MitsukiWolf says:   10 October 2007   145471  
wow that kool...
love_swimming_girl says :   10 October 2007   148941  
thank u =)

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