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24 F United States of America
speaks Chinese, Mandarin and English and Thai, Northeastern
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 i think i'm inhuman unhuman w/e .... dont judge me bout it......i'm a fallen angel who is cursed
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Dark Angel Comment Graphics at By the way i'm different from ordinary people. "dont hate me for who i am, because there is nothin you can do to try and fix it. i am labled: Goth,Emo, Weird, inhuman, Nerd,.. I am a ANIME FREAK!!!!! lolz i watch/read alot of anime (E.X. Naruto,Blood+,inuyasha,DNangel, friutbasket,frince of tennis,etc) Passion: swimming like: the darkness, almost every kind of music,ppl who are honest I don't smoke or do drugs never will I have lots of skills. I don't wear glasses I love to sing,sports I'm an introvert and extrovert I belivie in God.. so YESH I"M CHRISTIAN !!! I'm in my school's choir .My hair color is darkish-brownish; looks like i hve natural highlights in the right lighting .I have no favorite movie or food .love is when u would do anything 4 someone. i'm a weird person. .... sometimes i feel inhuman and i don belogn anywhere..... no one can ever try and change me........ it they do i'll bite them XD....... my favorite time of day would be midnight/twilight... actualyl anytime where it is vry vry dark....... my solace(comfort place) would be locked in a dark room with no lights on.. one window the moon out. leaning on the wall facing a corner or out the window........i knw my solace is disturbing for you normals well idc wht u think and idm wht u think.... tnxs 4 takin time to read this (hopefully) XD >DO NOT CLICK HERE!
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Namegirl)Audrey (boy)Dominic.
Age:1338, way old yeah?You don't look a day over 105 ;D
What you look like:Dark brown/black lush hair. Dark blue eyes,Flawless skin, sharp features, amazingly toned and strong body.
How you got turned:It was so long ago, but you remeber it like it was yesterday.
You where somewhat of a rebel kid, you had gone threw so many changes, that you never agreed to. You where sick of it, sick of being pushed around, sick of feeling like you had no choices. You constantly rebelled, changing yourself before others could.One day you where running, you didn't know where you where going, you just needed to get out. You where around 13 or 14 at that time. You where running, faster then ever, into the woods, away from everything,fighting back the couldn't cry, you where to strong to cry...You bump into a man,much taller then you. You look up, about to yell at him, when you saw his face.It was so beautiful, so clear, so...amazing.You had nothing to say, you just sat there staring at him for a while. He had very well defined bones, dark beautiful black eyes, luscious shiny black hair. Not a single thing about him was dull, he was perfect.You knew his beauty was unhuman, and you felt awkward standing there in awe, not saying anything, so you took a deep breath, and said quietly "what are you?"You where a bit ashamed, you wanted to sound confident and strong, but your voice came out in a quiet quiver. "Ah, darling, I am inhuman,I am a vampire, I am special"The nameless man said. His voice was deep, confident, and strong.You look down for a second to think, then you look up, your pale blue eyes met his, and you said, in a determined voice.."Make me like you."

Quote:"I am beyond your experience. I am beyond good and evil, legions of the night - night breed - repeat not the errors of the Night Stalker and show no mercy."-Richard Ramirez
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26 Apr 08
High Class
[ ] You go tanning.
[ ] You own something from Prada
[ ] You own something from...
19 Mar 08
NUMBER 11~~~!!!! oh gawd dis thing was creepy at the end with the Microsoft word things


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Life is a twised liedifferentme with black cat ears

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Q&A Section   
Kirti 21 Jan 08  
"i am labled: Goth,Emo, Weird, inhuman, Nerd,.. too many to list.."
same here. well no ones called me goth or emo(yet), but they do say i am creepy
and demented...

that just means your original. You think for yourself to the point where the
common American middle school student cant comprehend how you think. dont let it
bother you, the common american middle school student cant comprehend past the
end of their nose.
love_swimming_girl 21 Jan 08  
it doesnt... i post these thigns just to warn ppl .... u knw how some ppl are
scared of these types of ppl so ya... i'm like if u hate these type of ppl well
ur wasting time looking at this profile
Hippiegirl94 9 Jan 08  
you have no idea =///
love_swimming_girl 9 Jan 08  
yep ... i hope u get dat untangled soon
aartee_sharma 31 Dec 07  
Join my doll contest please?
love_swimming_girl 31 Dec 07  
umm sure...
side_account 31 Dec 07  
your a fucking cock
love_swimming_girl 31 Dec 07  
0.-  wht 's ur problems
‹->Luzt<-› 28 Dec 07  
oh did i
love_swimming_girl 28 Dec 07  
yesh read my earlier comments -___-
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