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About Me

so hello there.
my name is...well, it's not important. but i am 16 and rather unconventional.
i don't really have a label either. not that i hate labels or whatever. i guess i'm pretty neutral on the subject. i mean, some people love their labels. others hate them. so i'm just going to ignore that.
i'm not emo/goth/scene/hardcore/mosher/raver though, so if you need that for a kupika friend you should probably move on.
if not then yay. let's get started.
i don't have many friends but the ones i have i am really close to and they have tons of friends so i'm never short of something do to do.
like most teenagers i love going to the beach and drooling over sexy men *cough*james franco*cough*. I also love music, but it's not my boyfriend or my hothot sex or whatever that one song claims.
my hair is all over the is naturally light brown but it gets EXTREME blonde highlights from the sun so everyone thinks i'm blonde or i die my hair. i just say dirty blonde to avoid any confusion.
i play no sports professionaly. sadly i did play softball and was on the swim team last lear but i discovered i hate anything when people are screaming at you to do better.
i have no basic conversation skills. it doesn't matter if you are a guy or a gal i am just an awkward person. but i am a surprisingly good person to have around in awkward situations. when it's other people's awkwardness, i can totally break the ice for them.
everyone tells me i look like a druggie. they say it's because one of my eyes is larger than the other, so when i smile i look totally tripped out. someone even offered me a joint once based on my face. which was nice of them but i don't smoke. ://
i have many favorite movies, too many to count. i won't even attempt it. same goes for music. right now my obsession is whatever is on my profile. however i would like to point out that the sexiest edward is edward scissorhands and the only jacob i care about is the one who sits in fornt of me in spanish.
there is a totally amazing guy in my life. but unfortunately he doesn't see me as anything more than a friend. :/ whatever. being his friend is better than being nothing.
that is about all i have to share.
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