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how to know when a boy likes you

If he likes you, you may see that he rarely turns his back to you, often leans towards you, and also looks at you a
lot. Both his feet will point towards you if he's comfortable with you, but if he's uncomfortable with you, one foot
will be pointing at you and the other will be pointing towards another direction.

2.Notice his eye contact. If he likes you, he may either look away quickly if he is shy, or he'll try to catch your eye
and hold it or make faces. This can be uncomfortable if you don't like him. If you feel like you have held eye contact
just a fraction of a second longer than you would with anyone else, or if he looks away quickly, then there is something

3.Be aware of touching. He might put his hand on your arm when he laughs, and won't move his leg if it happens to touch
yours, or he may hug you for small things - all are good signs of a guy liking you. But be careful because this may be a
result of him just being nice to you and not fancying you.

4.Notice the way he treats you - does he playfully tease you, or call you names, just to try and get your attention?
It's natural for a guy to tease when he likes a girl, but remember, someone can still tease someone, even if they aren't
attracted to them. Also, keep in mind that some guys simply will not tease you.

5.He'll flirt with other girls to get your attention- If a guy is really into you he will want to make you jealous. So,
he will most likely flirt with other girls in front of you. It gives them a chance to see your reaction. It helps them
know if you really do like them or not. The way you can tell that they are trying to make you jealous is that they find
little times when they're flirting with the other girl to look at you. His eyes will flick over and look at you. Another
sign is that when you leave, he stops flirting with the other girl. That will be a harder one to pick up on, but you can
have a friend look for you or something like that. You have to be sneaky sometimes to find out if a guy likes you.

6.Notice these tell-tale signs:

    * If he wants to talk to you all the time,
    * If he was acting like you're his friend but stopped doing embarrassing things in front of you,
    * If you turn around and you catch him looking at you,
    * If he starts acting nicer when you're around him,
    * If he says "yes" to all the things you ask him to do,
    * If he treats you differently than others,
    * If he tries to sit next to you at work, in class, at lunch, or play on a team with you during Gym/Recess
    * If he looks at you a lot every time you smile or laugh,
    * If you catch him sneaking a glance at you and he quickly turns away when he realizes that you saw him,and you see
him blush,
    * If he acts immaturely around you, like poking, teasing or playful flirting,
    * If he seems to always want to hang out with you,
    * If he gets closer with a body part, or if he tries to touch you (e.g. when you touch him he might touch you back)
    * If you ask him for a pencil and he gives it to you, then you try and give it back and he says to keep it, there is
a huge chance he might like you but be careful, he may know that you like him and he might be playing with your
    * If you catch him peeking at you and he smiles turn around slowly and smile back playfully,
    * If he tries to make you laugh,
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yea this is all true very good
love_docter says :   29 December 2008   933959  
hey what do i say?

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