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23 F Canada
speaks English and Chinese, Mandarin
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good bye. find me at whatinthequoi on tumblr and dA


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17 Oct 12
it's midnight and i finished any immediate hw for tmrw.

1. What's your favorite candle scent?...
14 Oct 12
Got cut off so I repo here:

76) Have you ever set up a photo shoot by yourself?
I do now...

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cuz i like to draw bishiesthank you tatsu_uchihaare we human?

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Dang_it_Bobby 13 Aug 12  
lollylovex3 14 Aug 12  
Why, thank you ; u; Much appreciated!
AVTechNO 13 Aug 11  

Nevermind I forgot that they had a Taiwanese one for a while. x0
lollylovex3 14 Aug 11  
Whoa, I didn't know that Sonika could sing in Mando. *u* I thought that she was
bilingual with Eng and Jap? :O She sounds pretty accurate to me~
Mah well, Taiwanese Vocaloid fans are passionate enough to alter Vocaloids to
sing in Mando.
‹Yanély› 1 Jul 11  
Y'know, I'll redo your oc because it came out so weird. Just give me a
moment. |D
lollylovex3 5 Jul 11  
Sorry for late reply.
‹Yanély› 1 Jul 11  

. . . =o ?
lollylovex3 5 Jul 11  
OH BABBBBBBBY. /will fangasm on the original page lolol
‹Yanély› 18 Jun 11  
Sorry the q&a thing screwed up!:

You really don't. D: Anything could be wrong and you will never know it,
like me! Well, that is true, I hate exercise.
Ooooh but I love water. *u* Is it weird I prefer it over soda?
Veggies? I eat veggies sometimes, but mostly junk food and whatever my mom is
making, which is not always the healthiest. xD (Muscles? I have zero, and that
is why I don't arm wrestle at school lol.)

Awww I never knew that! HA ha your mom says that? My mom wouldn't care, she'd be
"JUST DO SOMETHING!" Me too, I hate feeling so weak, I can't even defend myself!
I used to do volleyball all the time, but the ball always hit me and my arms
were always so red (I have been spiking it wrong what) so I quit that. Now I'm
just too lazy to do sports. /fail
10 minutes? Not bad at all, my first time at that was worse, but now I have
gotten better and it's now 5-7. 

LOL! xD I sound like a dude. .__.; Or someone wit a really deep voice, ew I hate
my voice.
OHMYGOSH those are so awesome, I remember seeing some of the,. but not all! :O
<3 <3

World Geo and biology, lol.
CRAPPY OH I KNOW THOSE. Well, I don't know if I would use crappy, lol, but um,
they aren't real friends? Dx
I was going to just chill too, but now we have so many plans. xC
A CHIHUAHUA, RLLY? Ffff hate this dog. :c
Ha ha ha, that's not so bad! All I eat is like a Popsicle or cereal. I miss
noodles. ;_;

Which one to pick? ;_; Tell me I cannot choose myself! OTL I like 'em both, and
nice perspective thar! ;D And no you don't! xD Too little, actually, I feel like
I should be doing more for youuuu.
lollylovex3 19 Jun 11  
Ah, it's k o 3o

POOO, isn't that the beauty of it? I DON'T CARE ABOUT HEALTH AT THIS AGE LOL
It's only during school days that I watch what I eat cuz I gotta see ppl
everyday =w= I like exercising, BUT I HATE SWEATING sdfsdgdfsfhg. It just feels
so nasty and smelly and my hair gets all adgfhgfjfj. (But it feels awesome to
shower right after =w= )
Lol, noo. You're just super healthy~ I also drink tons of tea but I heard it
gives you kidney stones D;
I srsly only eat veggies when it's in a salad. Otherwise, naw. The food my
grandma cooks (ye, she cooks for us) is like always oily and not very tasty, so
I end up eating more junk after orzz 

LOL, at least your mom pushes you to do things. My mom doesn't encourage me to
do things, but just discourages me NOT to do what'll make me look bad (both
physically and reputation-wise). Kinda rare for an asian mom to bother about
appearance too >.> I prob can't defend myself either when it comes to like arm
stuffs. But my legs are pretty strong LOL, but idk why I still run so slow orz
At least, you go for the ball and try o 3o A bunch of gurls in my class just
stands around doing nothing >.> And ya, I know what you mean when your arms get
red. But that's the thinga bout volleyball. D; It hurts like hell, but it's like
the HURTS SO GOOD kinda feeling haha (So masochist orz)
AW SHITTT >:U 5~7? AIIYAAA. So pro. All that best runners in my class get around
that time. I guess I rlly need to push myself more orz

ME TOO. D; I've had at least 2 friends say I sound like a dude. And that doesn't
help, cuz I am 5'7 and am not GURLY at all. Lol, you've heard me singing
before though, and trust me, that isn't how I sound. SELF PROMOTION HAAHA: In my Matryoshka and Mrs. Pumpkin's
Comical Dream one, which isn't rlly good btw, the low voice is actually how I
rlly sound... /fails
Haha, but when I saw acksonl's vid on YT of some con in the States, I realized
that Taiwan isn't ALL that amazing orz Some cosplayers here are rlly fat but
like show off their fat bellies....
IKRRR. I love how he mans up when his hair gets combed back in epi 11. GOSH, I'M

I HATE GEOGRAPHY. Wait, we learn Bio in like junior year. YOU'RE AHEAD ; 3; 
I'll srsly never see them ever again when I leave Taiwan >.> Gosh, there was so
much like 'internal wars' going on, but we all pretended to be ok... ugh >.>
Aw, I love all dogs o 3o I LOVE ALL ANIMALLLSS~ But no srsly, I love dogs.
Chihuahuas are sometimes annoying, but I don't dislike them o 3o
Gosh, our Taiwanese foods EVEN OUR INSTANT NOODLES have like poison problems.
where all our foods have this poison in them. So we've been basically eating
poisons everyday lol

POO POOO POO. You keep on doing TOO much for me, and I never am able to fully
repay you ; 3; It doesn't matter, really. Whatever you like, or whoever's easier
haha =w=
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