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 Between the doubts, there are dreams.
~+~+~+~+~+~+~ Emilie. Twenty-six. Musician. I now have a SoundCloud for my music. You can listen to my work here. https://soundcloud.com/betweenthedoubts/ I am a work in progress. ~+~+~+~+~+~+~ "I'd rather not care, than to be aware." ~Type O Negative, "Anesthesia" "Your telltale heart is beating. Unstable minds descend. I'm through trying to reach you. I am The Emptiness." ~Alesana, "Catharsis" "The sun won't shine here. It never did. And when it rains, it fucking pours... But I think I like it..." ~Bring Me The Horizon, "Doomed" "You never see the lonely me at all." ~Placebo, "Without You I'm Nothing" "I buried myself alive on the inside so I could shut you out and make you go away for a long time." ~The Used, "Buried Myself Alive" "I still remember the world from the eyes of a child. Slowly, those feelings were clouded by what I know now." ~Evanescence, "Fields Of Innocence" "I hope the stars still spell out your name where you are." ~Alesana, "Early Mourning" "There's a special place in Hell for all the broken hearts like me." ~The Funeral Portrait, "Casanova (C'est La Vic) (The Incident)" "Hush. It's okay. Dry your eyes. Soulmate, dry your eyes, 'cause soulmates never die." ~Placebo, "Sleeping With Ghosts" "Do you know that I'm lost, and you left me here on my own? Songs live on, but I'm dancing alone. Where is my lullaby?" ~Alesana, "Dancing Alone" "'cause it's a great big white world, and we are drained of our colors. We used to love ourselves. We used to love one another." ~Marilyn Manson, "Great Big White World" "Even though you're gone, I know you're counting stars. I think I'm giving up." ~The Funeral Portrait, "All My Circuits (Anger)" "Whatever doesn't kill you is gonna leave a scar." ~Marilyn Manson, "Leave A Scar" "I can't fear death no longer; I've died a thousand times." ~Bring Me The Horizon, "Hospitals For Souls" "I would do anything to bring him back to you, because if you got him back, I would get back the friend that I once knew." ~Bring Me The Horizon, "Suicide Season" "And I tried, god knows I tried. But there's nothing you can do to change my mind. And I don't enjoy to watch you crumble. I don't enjoy to watch you cry." ~Placebo, "Begin The End" "You know I'm grateful. I appreciate. But, in fact it's baleful how I suck you dry." ~Placebo, "Bosco" "You found the strength to end your life. As you did, so shall I." ~Type O Negative, "Bloody Kisses (A Death In The Family)" "Please don't be lonely when I'm gone. I've been so sad for far too long. And as I gently slip away, this song will always stay." ~Asking Alexandria, "Gone" "Close your eyes. See the light. Darling, there's no need to fight. Then the man grabs my hand, says, 'You're going nowhere.'" ~Megosh, "Fast Times at I.C.U." "Hide in the shadows, this is where I belong. Here in the dark I will remain." ~Megosh, "Winona" "We might have friction sometimes, and I know, I'm a selfish person. Believe me, sweetie, I understand completely. Just know that you make me happy." ~November Blessing, "Storms" "And then you'll see that we knew love existed all along; just never looked because we thought we were wrong." ~November Blessing, "Come and Find Me" "Love is not like anything, especially a fucking knife." ~The Used, "I'm A Fake" "Close my eyes and move to the back of my mind where feelings mean nothing." ~The Used, "Yesterday's Feelings" "Brothers and sisters, I'm right here with you. 'cause everyone's got one; a story to kill me. I'm so apathetic in my resentment... Living, loving, knowing not..." ~The Used, "Take It Away" "If there's a chance that she's alive then cut me open. I need to see. I need to breathe. Another day in this place... I'll be broken. I'm getting closer each and every time..." ~Alesana, "Ciao, Bella" "Imprisoned beneath the world, where the soulless dwell, lies a place that the damned call home. A place where the virtuous hide in fear. A place we see only in our nightmares. A place where the sun is silent." ~Alesana, "And Now For The Final Illusion" "I miss counting the stars, and I miss the way you kiss me. I miss the way you touch me. I miss calling you mine. Baby, you know who I am, and there's nobody I'd rather dance with in the moonlight. I just wanna go back." ~Alesana, "Fatal Optimist" "She's a myth that I have to believe in. All I need to make it real is one more reason. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do when she makes me sad." ~Slipknot, "Vermillion, Pt. 2" "So if you love me let me go, and run away before I know. My heart is just too dark to care. I can't destroy what isn't there. Deliver me into my fate. If I'm alone, I cannot hate. I don't deserve to have you. My smile was taken long ago... If I can change, I hope I never know." ~Slipknot, "Snuff" "My heart gets broken every time we fall. There's only so long I can fake it. 'cause you let me go, babe. We could have had it all. We had a chance... I thought we'd make it. 'cause I gave my heart, you had to break it. God give me strength, I just can't take it anymore." ~Cher, "With Or Without You" "Silence, like a cancer, grows." ~Disturbed, "The Sound Of Silence" "A beautiful soul has left the earth, washed up on the shore. And they couldn't help but wonder who she was." ~The Funeral Portrait, "Meanwhile" "Oh how I've longed for silence. You were calling for evening. You won't believe the year I've had." ~The Funeral Portrait, "The Optimist (Depression)" "Reader, oh reader, it pains me to say the ink on the pages, the blood in my veins. The story can't go on without you. The story can't go on without you. Reader, oh reader, I'm slipping away. I'm losing the will to survive one more day. The story can't go on without you. The story can't go on without you." ~The Funeral Portrait, "Wax Romantic (Acceptance)" "I handed you a knife and my heart." ~Alesana, "Annabel" "The ambulance arrived to find that no one had survived, save for just one child..." ~The Funeral Portrait, "Appeal To Reason" "Please try to say more carefully that you no longer need me. This back and forth is killing me." ~Alesana, "This Conversation Is Over" "We'll let the embers serve as the only memory of last days... So long ago..." ~Alesana, "Daggers Speak Louder Than Words" "Were the last words that I wrote you enough to tell you that in my death, the light that shone through my painful darkness was a blinding vision of your eternal smile?" ~Alesana, "Last Three Letters" "She longs for a second set of hands playing along at her Grand Piano. I'd give her mine if it weren't for the distance between Earth and I." ~The Funeral Portrait, "To Whom It May Concern" "They chose to split the sky in two, one half for me and one for you, too. I fled the enigmatic state to be the author of my fate." ~The Funeral Portrait, "Shaking Hands" "A hundred thousand years of acid rain to scorch the Earth... A shallow grave transforms into a sea of afterbirth..." ~The Funeral Portrait, "Like Father Like Son" "He's a stranger to some, and a vision to none. He can never get enough, get enough of the one. For a fortune he'd quit, but it's hard to admit how it ends and begins. On his face is a map of the world." ~Thirty Seconds To Mars, "From Yesterday" "Your promises, they look like lies. Your honesty like a back that hides a knife. I promise you, I promise you, I am finally free. Run away, run away. I'll attack. Run away, run away. Go chase yourself." ~Thirty Seconds To Mars, "Attack" "When I dream, I dream of your lips. When I dream, I dream of your kiss. When I dream, I dream of your fists." ~Placebo, "Pierrot The Clown" "And in the darkest nights, if my memory serves me right, I'll never turn back time; forgetting you, but not the time." ~Green Day, "Whatsername" "A new day dawning comes without warning. So don't think twice. We live in troubled times." ~Green Day, "Troubled Times" "I don't want your sympathy, I don't want your honesty, I just wanna get some peace of mind. It's only in my head as I roll over and play dead. I don't want to hear it anymore." ~Green Day, "Lazy Bones" "I'm wide awake after the riot; this demonstration of our anguish. This empty laughter has no reason, like a bottle of your favorite poison. We are the last call, and we're so pathetic." ~Green Day, "Murder City" "Another turning point. A fork stuck in the road. Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go. So make the best of this test and don't ask why. It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time. It's something unpredictable, but in the end, it's right. I hope you had the time of your life." ~Green Day, "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" "At the center of the earth, in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven where I was taught the motto was just a lie; it says, "Home is where your heart is," but what a shame, 'cause everyone's heart doesn't beat the same; it's beating out of time." ~Green Day, "Jesus Of Suburbia" "Cold silence has the tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion." ~Tool, "Schism" "Is love only sweeter when one of us dies?" ~Marilyn Manson, "Just A Car Crash Away" "This was never my world. You took the angel away. I kill myself to make everybody pay." ~Marilyn Manson, "Coma Black" "No need to pretend that I'll ever forget - I doubt you would let me. I don't need to hide from the places I've been. The mouth of the canyon calls me home. I swore I would take care of myself; was I lying? Before I begged to feel anything at all. Now, at least I feel alone." ~The Used, "The Mouth Of The Canyon" "And what did it take to trigger the end? I could have been there... I miss you, my friend..." ~The Used, "Upper Falls "So fuck your Bible and your Babel." ~Marilyn Manson, "Tattooed In Reverse" "Devil's got a cut, like a slit in a cattle's calf. Dollar-sign snakes, I'm all in the damned; godless, fearless of the flood or the blood of the coming spring. Something is shedding its scales, hiding from the heat of the light or the empty shell on the stage. And cash is a poor man's money." ~Marilyn Manson, "SAY10" "Things that are pretty are always kept behind glass. Someone like me, someone like me can't make it last. I like you damaged, but I need something left; something for me... Something for me to wreck." ~Marilyn Manson, "Threats Of Romance" "I wanna outrace the speed of pain for another day." ~Marilyn Manson, "The Speed Of Pain" "Take your hatred out on me. Make your victim my head. You'll never ever believe in me. I am your tourniquet." ~Marilyn Manson, "Tourniquet" ~+~+~+~+~+~+~

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You and I knew each other many years ago. We're inching closer and closer to...
15 Jun 16
There are three types of exhaustion. The first is physical exhaustion, in which your body and...

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Q&A Section   
‹Aeternum Vale› 1 Jun 16  

hi hi omg your taste in music is fucking grand thank u
‹Between The Doubts› 1 Jun 16  
Thank you. Yes, the music is pretty great. Wouldn't be alive without it.
plur_love_sgtc_botdf 23 Oct 13  
Hi sis! <3
‹Between The Doubts› 23 Oct 13  
Hieeeeee! <3
‹•West•› 10 Oct 13  
I'll just continue entering contests, and begging my mom cx
‹Between The Doubts› 10 Oct 13  
Yeah. It's definitely worth going to.
‹•West•› 10 Oct 13  
omg! You're so lucky! I'm still trying to get tickets!
‹Between The Doubts› 10 Oct 13  
Yeah, I know! I hope you can get a ticket and go. It's totally worth it. <3
‹•West•› 9 Oct 13  
You went to the Bad Blood Tour!?
‹Between The Doubts› 9 Oct 13  
Yes. And met the guys! They're two of the sweetest people I've ever met in my
entire life. <3
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