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25 F United States of America
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 I am not a ham ham and life is not a wheel
My name is Angel. I live in Idaho...Yes the potatoe state but you have got to admit we have some pretty damm good potatoes. It's sometimes really boring (like when your tailbones cracked and you can't do much). But it sure is pretty with all the trees (I live in the city of trees) and mountains its just gorgeous. The one thing that does suck about this state is that are schools kind of suck.. They have almost no money. But in ninth grade I will have a new school so thats going to be cool. I like to read, write, and I am a totally talker but only when I'm around my friends....Its embaressing to talk to much around random people..But I am a really great listener which I think helps me with other people I don't know. I love to hang out with my friends who I must say are totally awesome! My best friend Dylan and I hang out a lot! We go bike riding,to the mall (I'm not rich but when I do get money I make sure I spend some on my friends), to the pool at our junior high, and sometimes we just walk around the block. Shes kind of wierd but I like that in people. I love to watch sports but I'm not one who usually plays..I'll play football with my friends and stuff but you know its girly football.. But I do love to play tennis..I'm probobly not very good but I love to play it anyway.. I do like all kinds of food but my favorite kind is probobly Arabic food or Mexican food.. My hair is dark and I mean super dark brown but people always think it is black.Chh they don't know the real color. My eyes are rather confusing but as far as I have been told they are really pretty, they are greeny-blue with a gold ring around the pupil and a dark blue around the whole eye.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I am only about 5' 3''... I am not fat but I am not skinny.. or at least compared to the annorexic chicks that live around my city... I don't like to be judged by the way I look 'cause I don't want a guy to like me for all the wrong reasons. So I usually (okay only at school) where a dark sweater.. Oh and it doesn't help that the uniform isn't exactly flattering...I don't attend a private school but we have been invaded by Californians and Mexicans (I'm not racist) so we have gang issues.. I am thirteen years old and I will be turning fourteen on April 22...Yay my birthday is on Earth Day! Okay so that was kinda dorky but thats what I always associate my birthday with... I am currently single and well I don't care much for looking but its still nice to think about there being a nice guy out there for me. I do believe in love...but I have yet to really feel I haven't been able to say oh I love him and he loves me. It kind of sucks sometimes but I just go oh someday...someday. I have been hit on but of course it was for all the wrong reasons...Though I do like getting hit on even if it is because they like a certain part of me..... I listen to a lot of rock but I still listen to just about anything. I am kind of a complex individule.... I'm really smart and most of the time I'm reading..I can't help it reading is my thing. But I also love to write. In school I didn't talk to that many people outside of my group of friends so people didn't know a lot about me. But when I do talk it feels really good when people listen to what I'm saying and to respect my opinion. I like to write real stories I mean the ones where the end isn't always happy. I know most people want a happy ending but in this world there aren't always going to be happy endings. I do where glasses but they having nothing to do with how smart I am because my brother also has them and hes not exactly a total genius hisself... I think I spelled something wrong oh whatever I'll figure it out later. I'm not sure whether I believe in god or not I'm still trying to figure it out...Because its not like I believe in him but its not like I don't. I do respect all people beliefs of disbeliefs because don't I want people to respect mine whatever they are or aren't. I definately don't believe in a perfect person but I do believe in the perfect love. Somewhere out there is someones love and sometimes people lose there loves and go through life looking until they finally realized that there true love has moved on. Sometimes though the love is right there like a close friend or someone you've known for ever. Its hard to know who you love and who you just lust after. I do not like to be labled...I hate when people try to say I'm this or I'm that...I'm Angel I'm not anything else...I love to hear my name..I think the reason is because my parents never say my name they have nicknames..And well my mother barely talks to me...I try to smile and be happy but sometimes the pain shows and I can't help it... My life has been hard and I have gone through a lot of pain but I'll be okay..I mean in the end we'll all be okay..Right? I have lost too many people in my life..I don't want to feel like there was something I should have done or said..I want to try to not lose sight of whats important..Sure I'm important but my friends and family really matter....I know I look emo..But I can't help it when all I want to do is cry.. I can smile and be so happy when all I feel on the inside is pain..But even in those moments I am crying or I am sad I always think Angel tomorrow everything will be better the pain will be gone by then...I know its always true but I still cry..I only cry when I am in major pain or when my father is screaming..Or when another family member dies... Oh my god I just found this its so sad.... My father used to hit me but....I don't think he would kill me... I used to be afraid he would and now he doesn't hit me at all.... I told him he wasn't allowed to take his anger out on me... I love all types of music here r some of my favorite videos: All American Rejects-Swing Swing and then Dirty Little Secret-Tyson is so cute! The Used-Taste Of Ink and All That I've Got Oooh look I made a meezz..The reason her hair is a funny color is because mine blended in with the backround.. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Okay now you have to check out how the world might end ^^ My emo went bye bye..How sad... Check out my virtual pets...... oh isnt my bunny cute.... Wont u pet my pony? So when did I truly die inside?

Tombstone Generator
Well Thanx For Visiting.....If you don't approve or don't like something...Tell me I dare you...


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18 Jan 08
[x] You love hoodies.
[x] You love jeans.
[x] Dogs are better than cats.
29 Sep 07
Do you know who I am?
How do you know me?
If I died tomorrow would I know that you cared?
Do you...

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trigun 5 Dec 07  
stahw pu sreol! woh si efil?
littleladyleah 8 Dec 07  
I have no idea..what would you do if I were-Morir-?
trigun 27 Sep 07  
ha ha ha ha ha  i rock you dont and i cant spell ha ha ha ha! ^-^
littleladyleah 29 Sep 07  
Uh! *smack* I win!! I rock!! Ok and so do you ^.^
trigun 27 Sep 07  
hey you ...................................... sorry cant say it! :9
littleladyleah 29 Sep 07  
You? What??? Tell me! I know where you live!! You ride my bus! 
You can ran but you can't hide I'll see you Monday morning!!
littleladyleah 10 Sep 07  
Omg talking to myself again YAY!
littleladyleah 10 Sep 07  
Oh how I love to talk to me all day long!!
prettyfine_guy 31 Jul 07  
I added u
littleladyleah 31 Jul 07  
oh cool
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