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 "We're Kinda Like 7-Eleven...We're Not Always Doing Buisness...But We're Awwwlways Open" Murphy(Norman Reedus) of the Dock Saints of Boon
Contrary To What My Profile Says, I Am Indeed A Lady.
Hopefully, there is no other fan who loves the Boondock Saints, more
than me. Because, really. There's probably billions of girls(and some
guys) who only like the movie for their looks, where as I, am in love
with every aspect of the film. It's my favorite. There is no
better-actually, there probably is-but I'm dillusioned, and am
probably going to Hell, so yeah^^My name Is Malachi-i dunno. I think
it's neat. it means "my angel" in Irish, and Angel is actually my
birth name, i just find weird kooky names that i like and use them as
my own. But everyone basically calls me Angel... DON'T CALL ME CRAZY
OR I WILL SEND YOU TO YOUR 'MOOSE-Y FATE'! Don't think i won't.
Because along with being the Dock Saints of Boon fan Extraordinaire, I
also pride myself, Jhonen Vasquez's number one fan, or with in the
realm or top five, because who knows? He might have a lady. I love
music-I play piano, fairly well. My favorite band is Janu and the
Whalesharks, but I LOVE Bob Dylan. I hate the Beatles, but can be
aware that they were one of the greatest, and most influencial bands
of all time. I LOVE Bob Dylan. David Bowie's Alright, I guess. I love
His 'Song for Bob Dylan', though. Big Surprise. I like Primus,
sometimes. Presidents of the USA, WILCO! is another big favorite of
I like the Kills, Right Away, Great Captain! and Manchester Orchestra.
The White Stripes and Dead Weather. Streetlight Manifesto. The Pixies.
The Libertines. The Killers. The Cure.  The Joker's Daughter. Airborne
Toxic Event. Rage Against the Machine is about the only 'metal' band i
like, and can listen to for more than a half hour, but i've been known
to like listening to such things like Job for a Cowboy or whatever and
Five Finger Death Punch while cleaning the kitchen at school and in
the car. Oasis. Weezer. The Violent Femmes. Flogging Molly. QUEEN!
very much so. Nirvana, when i'm in the mood. Ben Folds and Ben Folds
Five. The Foo Fighters, I'm tired of people talking shit about them
and saying that The Red Hot Chili Peppers areawesome. Because they're
not. BLEH! Marilyn Manson on occasion. I'm a big fan of Radiohead and
Thom Yorke is just beautiful. Might i dare say, prettier than Mr.
Reedus. I HEART ELLIOTT SMITH!! I like Beck, and the Arctic
Monkeys.Les Claypool and Shugo Tokumaru. 

I like to sing, i just don't do it very well. And I love to dance, but
it's not the way that you dance...'m sure. Because i don't really call
it dancing. It's more like, twirling in circles and flying on the
ground sort of shit. I like to walk, and run, and run barefoot in the
mud. I like catching lightning buggs and wearing tutu's with striped
tights and basketball shorts underneath. 

You know when you're little, and you think about your wedding and what
kind of dress you'll wear, and your shoes and shit like that? It's so
much fun for me, and i'm fifteen. 
I imagine a 7-Eleven, and i'm wearing my favorite Lolita, black and
white floofy dress. And Murphy MacManus is the Bokonon Priest, and my
Fiance is Connor MacManus, and my best man is my brother from another
mother, Patrick MacManus(a dear Sweet, sick, sad friend of mine, who
ironically enough was the one to introduce me to the world of the
Saints and South Boston...) and i'm wearing my favorite black and
purple striped tights, and my comfy basketball shorts, and my
favoritest army navy combatboots with my tie-dyed leggwarmers and
Poohbear kneehigh socks. David Della Rocco is the usher <3 and Pa
MacManus is our Witness, because we're eloping, DUH!
okay. that's enough crazyness.

I love comic books(batman, SHAZAM!, JtHM and SQUEE!) 
I love Manga's(Ouran High School Host Club.)
I love Anime(OHSHC, Studio Ghibli.)
I love to read(John Green Novels,ie, Lookin for Alaska is my
favoritest book ever, Paper Towns, and an Abundance of Kathrines. I
like Christoper Moore,ex. A Dirty Job, Blood Sucking Fiends, and You
Suck. another Favorite is Frozen Fire By Tim Bowler, probably the most
amazing book i've ever read.)

I hate being annoying, but am, very much so. my best friend tells me
i'm adorable and cute on sometimes a regular basis. i dunno. the topic
comes up quite frequently. i call him the Joker, or Mistah J!. Also,
Hika-Chan, and Howl. He looks like all three. Which is sad and
pathetic, because i'm in love with him, and have a fan-girl crush on
all three. That's how stupid and pathetic my reality is. 

Is yours any better?


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8 Nov 08
I'm afraid of pain, because I think I deserve it. And I know you can die if you can't feel it, you...
27 Nov 06
This is to the girls on this site

hello every body i just had a couple of things to say.

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‹Tama_♦› 13 Nov 09  
I do not appreciate your harsh stereotype of teenagers.
lalagigglebutt 16 Nov 09  
Ahahah, Yeh!! I KNOW, right!?!? ME ToOOOooooo!!
‹SqueeneyTodd› 23 Apr 09  
:D Yeah, someone who thinks Edward is an asshole! 
Hi, I'm Marisa.
lalagigglebutt 26 Apr 09  
shopahalicgirl 25 Feb 09  
edward is an asshole hes realy borind but emmet isnt
lalagigglebutt 26 Feb 09  
HA! TOO RIGHT! have you read any of the MS?  i thought i was going to die of
boredom...his brain has nothing going on, lolz.  all he focuses on is whats
happening. at least thats what i got from it. and same with all the other books.
shopahalicgirl 10 Feb 09  
hello i love twilight i hate jacob
lalagigglebutt 16 Feb 09  
aw...i wuffle him! in my oppoinion, Edward is an asshole. But him and bella
belooooong together because she's a bitch...with no personality...EEEK! i didn't
just say that^^
I love vampires, but i don't like Stephenie Meyer's. I love the plot, just not
her books. Thats why i read them <3
luaurokkz 26 Nov 08  
Being crazy and stuff rocks
lol message me sometime
I'd love 2 talk
- Marie
lalagigglebutt 3 Feb 09  
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