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Are You Up For The Challege? Prize Included.

Bored? Want something to do? Like games? Here's a multi-player game site with a variety of games to choose from. Sign up, it's free! The challenge is to reach at least level 10 ( I'm level 38 ). If you decide to take the challenge, post a comment here and I'll keep up with your status here. Prize for everyone who reaches Level 10, no time limit at all. To get started, Click Here. (Manual Link: Are you up for the challenge?*
Challenge Takers: ThePoisonApple · Completed RurinGlander · Completed angelicharmony · Level 7 a3454232 · Level 6 P4P4Y4 · Level 5 DaKarra W · Level 4 thoughtfulzombie · Level 1
*This is being used to my benefit as much is it is to yours. Prize Included. Diary Page
Link to this page: copy-paste
  ‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› — Page created: 6 September 2011  |  Last modified: 15 September 2011
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RurinGlander shouts:   6 September 2011   729931  
RurinGlander says:   6 September 2011   513963  
My name is Rurin Glander ok?
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   6 September 2011   540957  
Cool, good luck! It's really fun  
ThePoisonApple says:   6 September 2011   777735  
My username is same as my kupika name XD. It's ThePoisonApple btw.
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   6 September 2011   651750  
Cool  Good luck to youu. 
RurinGlander cries:   7 September 2011   492048  
It's getting hard!lol
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   7 September 2011   467737  
Lol, why? 
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   7 September 2011   443019  
Also, some of you signed up but didn't post a comment here. You can't receive the
prize if you don't let me know that you want to take the challenge...But, thanks for
signing up anyways!(:
godessofdreams says:   7 September 2011   805688  
I'm up for it
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   7 September 2011   909987  
Yay, fun stuff ;D
Go ahead and sign up. 
godessofdreams says:   8 September 2011   753970  
I have to go on a different computer to sign up I'll give you my username when I do 
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   8 September 2011   878803  
Kk, make sure youu sign up through that link or it won't count because I won't be
able to keep up with status. 
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   8 September 2011   738215  
Don't give up on me! xP You've both gotten to level 6 in one day :P 
ThePoisonApple says:   9 September 2011   512465  
XD. It's getting harder now school has started again for me. I don't have as much
time. Plus I only got to level 6 by playing against RurinGlander but he is never
online at the same time as me anymore -_-. 
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   9 September 2011   913672  
Yeah, same here. School takes up all my time~ 
Papaya says:   9 September 2011   224419  
Im signing up also!! 
My username is P4P4Y4
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   10 September 2011   700883  
Yay, you! Already level 2 :P 
ThePoisonApple says:   10 September 2011   843164  
I'm level 7 now :D
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   11 September 2011   238795  
Haha, yes you are. But,  @RurinGlander just got to level 8 x] 
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   11 September 2011   923252  
Maybe I should put 'em in order :o
RurinGlander says:   12 September 2011   509735  
You should. 
ThePoisonApple says:   14 September 2011   761676  
I've reached level 10! XD what have I earned? Oh and one more question! Are you
Ninja_Lae?  Sorry. I'm really slow on these things. Never mind. I just realized
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   15 September 2011   143787  
Youu will get your prize, shortly 
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   15 September 2011   646627  
Congrats to @ThePoisonApple who finished the challenge first


@RurinGlander who came second.

Good Job  Tell your friends.. 
Rainacorn says:   18 September 2011   552358  
Well I would, but i'm not the right age! wah wah wah I am sick and tired of stupid
things like this saying that I am too young! Yeah, well you are probably too old to
be making a game website! JEEZ
RurinGlander says:   19 September 2011   990672  
Thanks for the gift :D
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   20 September 2011   530448  
Aww, that sucks D:
I remember those days when I was too young for stuff xD ..I just lied about it >.>
Sorry youu couldn't sign up :/ 
Rainacorn says :   30 September 2011   170943  

I made the mistake of trusting a game website! >_< 
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