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need help?

do you need help at kupika? someone bullying you or you want to know more about this site? well you should come to me im gonna tell a lil something about me for awhile if ever you dont believe: 1. i first had an account here i signed up november 2006 then i didnt use kupika 4 a while because of too many letters then i made a new 1 again just this july and now im making another one to help you fellow kupicians ok so do you believe me? first it was like this: kupi_info Previous login: 20 hours ago. 10 KupiPoint. ***** (LOGOUT) what stars? Find penpals: Simple match Conditional match | My Friends Search nick My stuff: Letters| My items Buy VI | Subscriptions | My Diary | Diaries My account: Home Edit character Edit profile Options Change password well i think that was it during november ( i think) then as you see you now have kupi pages, oekakis, transfer kp and other else kupika really did change!!!! so you can consult to me if ever you need help p.s. i also give very good advice and it works!!!! (seriously) p.p.s oh yeah and another tip dont post chain letters!!!! p.p.p.s. i will only reveal myself if we become good friends!!!!
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  kupi_info — Page created: 16 September 2007
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Kittenluver73 says :   25 November 2007   414671  
ummmmmm... HELP!!!!! can you tell me how to change the background image?

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